It would appear that double dose vaccines, given all at once, may supercharge the immune system, causing it to attack the Covid, plus everything else, including key bodily organs and structures.

The newly developed m/RNA Covid vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna are said to require two shots, administered about a month apart, to achieve the desired potency and effect.

This is typically characterized by the manufacturers as a positive feature.

Maybe, it is. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s simply a “slick” marketing ploy.

It seems possible (in at least some cases) that if a single, “full” dose were administered, rather than the prescribed, double, widely spaced, “half” doses (especially if the Covid virus was already present) it could “hype up” the immune system to such a degree that it wouldn’t know when to quit, or it would be incapable of precisely discriminating, as to what it should and what it should not target.

In the interest of full disclosure, in order to increase the acceptance of such vaccines and eliminate uncertainty, I would like to see clearer and more pertinent data on this matter, from the CDC and the drug companies.

Editor’s note: I’ve received dose one of the Moderna vaccine.

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