Tucker Carlson handily exposes the real reason behind the Dr. Seuss controversy

A reader comments: Tucker Carlson explained it perfectly. It is not that Dr. Seuss is racist, it is that he is anti-racist. Crucially, Dr. Seuss targets our children with these classic moral tales and … our children belong to the leftist hive. So, he is their greatest enemy because he is so effective at the level of a child.

Seuss’ The Sneetches show simply and profoundly how stupid racism is and how dumb it is to attach caste to a superficial thing (a star/skin color). The Sneetch star is racist when one side says it’s important but also racist when the other side identifies the star’s absence as important. Both are wrong, both are “racists”.

And that’s Theodore’s simple message: see the Sneetch beneath and not what he’s wearing on his chest (or not). The Dr. Seuss message of seeing the person and not their “badge” cuts to the CRT leftists’ quick, I think, and makes their conscience suffer. And that is why he (Seuss) must be cancelled.

Seen at The American Catholic


  1. There is far more to Dr. Seuss’s CV than its most recent, media-driven “issues” (which are undeservedly condemned). By credible accounts, he enthusiastically supported spurious and bloody American intervention in WWII, along with the unjustified, punitive pogroms against innocent Americans of Japanese descent. Throw in general opposition to FDR (which I consider an item for the plus column). A man is the sum of all his known parts, plus his many unknown quantities. Dr. Seuss’s children’s literature is beyond reproach. Shall we all put things in a truly just perspective? Or do we presume to judge–unfavorably or not–based on compartmentalization and isolated “facts”?

  2. As you wrote: Dr. Seuss’s children’s literature is beyond reproach.

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