Priest: Exorcisms now, often ineffective

… in a recent talk by Father Ripperger — a renowned Exorcist — he explained that prior to 1963, it was quite the norm that exorcisms would effect deliverance of the soul from diabolic possession in 2-3 days– 7 days at most.

But that beginning in 1963 “overnight…like someone threw a switch”, this was no longer the case, and that it began to take at least 10 months to 2 years of concerted priestly effort to effect deliverance.

Father Ripperger then goes on to say that now it is virtually impossible to effect deliverance of a soul from diabolic possession.

Father Ripperger also explained that this adverse impact on the efficacy of exorcisms is directly related to the state of the Church.

NOTE: the problem began right at the onset of Vatican II — overnight — and has only gotten worse and worse to the point of suppressing the efficacy of exorcisms altogether.

Essentially, the potency of the Church’s power to exorcise demons has now been reduced to virtual powerlessness against the demonic…because “one cannot cast out demons by Beelzebub” as Our Lord taught us.


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