Pope Francis continues to deliberately disrespect the Blessed Virgin Mary

… let us pause to consider for a moment the troubling words of the Holy Father when he states that Our Lady, with regards to her Son, “is more His disciple than His mother.” 

What does this mean? Is Our Lady less Mother of God and more mere disciple, like the rest of us? Or how else should we understand such a seeming semi-negation?

A simple faithful Catholic cannot but be disheartened and troubled by words such as these.

When we consider what the Church Tradition teaches us, that all the titles and honors which are given to the Blessed Virgin are rooted in her essential role as Mother of God, as taught in the Council of Ephesus in 431, how can we not be taken aback by such off-the-cuff remarks?

When we think, just a moment, of what Church history tells us of the great battle which was waged in order for this important dogma to be solemnly proclaimed, how can we not wonder how the likes of Saint Cyril of Alexandria would react to such a dismissive remark?

Considering the significance of this dogma for our Faith as a whole, how can such a careless remark not shock us or do anything other than pierce our hearts devoted to Our Lady’s Heart?

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Editor’s note: This and more, uttered on the great Feast of the Annunciation, after many months of the ongoing, shameless, Pachamama idolatry, in the Vatican, by a “Judas Pope” who is also responsible for the outright betrayal of the Church in China, to the godless Communists.

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  1. He’s NOT the Pope… everything Bergoglio has done and said is NULL and VOID.

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