Dr. Anthony Fauci refuses to discuss vaccine risks because he probably knows what might happen

Dr. Anthony Fauci refuses to discuss the safety or efficacy of the vaccines, other than stating what is already included in the information sheet that is supplied to every vaccine recipient.

At the same time, Dr. Fauci continues to advocate social distancing, multiple mask wearing and the avoidance of bars, theaters, restaurants and similar crowded environments, even for those who have been fully vaccinated and should now be immune to virtually every known strain of Covid-19.

A reasonable and rational person might suspect
that Dr. Fauci’s personal version of viral “double talk”
is intended to hide something.

For example: mRNA vaccine technology has never worked effectively, in the past. mRNA vaccine technology is little understood. Too high of a dose of mRNA type Covid-19 vaccines might kill a person. Too low of dose may be ineffective.

But, the real “elephant in the room” is the possibility
that someone who who has already been fully vaccinated
(and should be fully immune)
may instead, experience a massive,
fatal, immune system overreaction
if subsequently exposed to the Covid-19 virus, “in the wild”.

In any case, Dr. Fauci remains a highly unconvincing expert who has already failed in his primary mission and who has “flip-flopped” so often, on so many related issues, that no sane person would likely, place much faith in his opinion, anyway.

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  1. I do Not TRUST ANYONE involved with the Great Reset/
    New World Order! Do we really want to Trust an EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY during a time were FREE SPEECH IS DENIED?

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