The “bottom line” regarding the Ascension of Jesus Christ

Much has been taught and written about the Ascension of Jesus Christ,
but there’s one thing that makes it especially significant:

As the sin prone, all too human descendants of Adam and Eve,
we remain susceptible to backsliding, falling away
and possibly, even ending up in Hell.

On the other hand, Jesus’ perfect humanity and his awesome divinity
was never compromised by sin,
making possible his total defeat of Satan, sin and death,
on our behalf.

Then, Jesus, the triumphant and impeccable, “New Adam”,
took his resurrected and glorified human body
back to Heaven,
where he was enthroned at the right hand of God the Father,
making all that he accomplished for us
both permanent and eternal,
with absolutely NO possibility
by any means.

A pure and perfect man now reigns in Heaven.
Not merely a divine advocate, but a divine man, indeed!

That same divine man loves us with an inestimable love
and desires only the best for us,
having already shed the very last drop of his precious blood,
for the purpose of our salvation.

That should give us all something which to faithfully aspire
and it’s just one of many wonderful things
that make Jesus Christ
the sure and certain, blessed hope of eternal salvation,
for every Christian, of every generation.

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