Contrary to what today’s Catechism might incorrectly infer, someone who rejects the Trinitarian God of Christians does not pray to that God, but to another of their own making

A brief look at some of the Church Fathers will further illustrate the traditional Catholic view:

St Augustine: “This heresy affirms that all heretics are on the right path
and that all teach the truth. This is so monstrous an absurdity
that it seems to me to be incredible.”

Pope Pius VII: “By the fact that the indiscriminate freedom
of all forms of worship is proclaimed, truth is confused with error,
and the Holy and Immaculate Spouse of Christ (The Church)
is placed on the same level as heretical sects…” – Post Tam Diuturnas

Pope Gregory XVI: “…. those who pretend that the way
to [eternal] beatitude starts with any religion at all
should be afraid and should seriously think over the fact
that, according to the testimony of the Savior Himself,
they are against Christ, because they are not for Christ,
and that they are miserably scattering
because they are not gathering with Him…” – Mirari Vos

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Editor’s note: Taking into account all of the above: God is sovereign and all powerful, so by the timely application of the grace obtained by Jesus Christ on the cross, at Calvary, he can choose to “save” anyone, for any reason, or for no reason at all. But, Jesus personally founded, authorized, empowered and perpetually guaranteed the Holy Catholic Church for the purpose of our salvation, so any exceptions to the norm would likely be very, very rare, nothing less than miraculous and certainly NOT routine.

Brave, well informed, well spoken woman “pushes back” against “woke” local School Board, BLM and Critical Race Theory

Tatyana Ibrahim delivers. School board feigns violence, tries to shut her down.

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If you listen carefully to what people claim are the powerful truths they live by, you’ll recognize that Christianity is the only worldview that can justify all of them

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New Catholic Study serves as a “basic primer” on Christianity for Christians and non-Christians, alike

The primeval events
that resulted in the Fall of Man

The totally gratuitous
saving works of God

Why we venerate
the Blessed Virgin Mary

The mystery
of our redemption

The spiritually vital mission
of the Holy Church

Our personal identity
in Jesus Christ

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Mundabor explains: The Church has already given us all the answers we need

I realise I will never be among the cool guys. But in my simple mindedness, I do think that the Church has already given us all the answers we need, and has given us beautiful Mysteries for the ones we don’t.

My job in this life is not to wrestle, but to serve; and not to question, but to obey.

All the rest, my friends, is of the devil, and the devil will do irreparable damage if we allow him to. The devil will, as I see written around with great waste of pixels, leverage one’s ego and try to slowly turn a soul, which at this point fancies itself so good and deep, against God.

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Editor’s note: Jacob/Israel’s situation (as pictured) was practically and prophetically, quite different.

The seven main impediments to accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Resisting the Diabolical Quantum Leap; or, Keeping Your Head Screwed-On Straight (in these strange times)

Put bluntly: a really bad man is going to soon make his public entrance onto the world platform. He will exert enormous influence, presenting himself as a savior of sorts in the midst of great worldwide trials. The price of accepting his “solution” will be some form of apostasy. At the end of the day, whether we call this fellow “an” antichrist or “the” Antichrist is little more than semantics. We must resist him, either way.

[He will use the “voltage” of his electrifying influence
over the world and the “vacuum” of today’s
Dictatorship of Relativism, where both Faith and Reason
are despised, to seek to cause a “Quantum Leap”
of mankind’s thinking into his own
Diabolical domain; a realm duly adorned
with sparkling sheep’s clothing.
Tragically, he will likely succeed
in the minds of most.] 

Furthermore, these Truths I here present are perhaps even more important now than in the time the Antichrist himself makes his public entrance. For I do think that the faithful remnant will likely be protected in refuges during his actual reign, and much miraculous protection — both physical and spiritual — will be afforded to the remnant during that time. On the other hand, the days we must now endure do indeed see the snares of the Antichrist being disseminated throughout both the Church and the world (and I do not doubt that many of these recent snares are indeed from the man of sin himself), and we must resist them with the more or less “ordinary” graces at our disposal in these days of pre-Illumination of Conscience trials.

Nevertheless, apart from considerations of individual Antichrists/ the Antichrist himself, we above all know, from Scripture (cf. 1 John 4:3), that the Spirit of Antichrist pervades the world. This unholy spirit certainly operates in proportion to the degree of sin in the world; therefore, eschatological speculations and individual prophecies aside, we know that the Spirit of Antichrist is today more operative than ever beforewith due regard to the fact that the world is more steeped in sin than at any point in the past.

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Archbishop Vigano: The lack of “common sense” in individuals has in large part made possible this assault against God, against the Church, and against the human race that is represented by the Great Reset and the ideology it expresses

Irrationality, the abdication of reason, the annihilation of critical judgment and the denial of evidence are the true pandemic virus of our time, which in rebellion against God manifests a delirium of omnipotence and in collective madness reveals the just nemesis of this wicked challenge.

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