Recent Covid experience serves to undercut pro abort’s “My Body, My Choice”

The new (welcome and long overdue) Texas abortion restrictions (which the U.S. Supreme Court has so far, declined to review or overturn) are (indirectly) the result of the latest, popular opinion about Covid vaccinations and masking.

With all the government masking and vaccine requirements popping up around the country, along with substantial, popular support for same, supposedly “to save lives”, the old, pro abortion “My Body, My Choice” mantra no longer holds water.

Today, it’s more like, “Do what the government tells you,
for your own good and for the good of others.”

All of which goes to show that certain irrational beliefs and practices (like abortion) which have always been immoral and contrary to the common good, will eventually, be called out and corrected; sometimes, for the most ridiculous reasons.

Let’s all hope this is the beginning of a trend!

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  1. I posted the following comment on Activist Post three days ago:

    “‘Pro-choice’ and ‘My body/my choice’ used to be the wholly-owned rhetoric of the abortion-industrial complex. Now, it is common for pro-lifers (aka anti-abortionists) to appropriate both of those phrases in resisting the jab. I am lifelong pro-life, and freely use the phrases when it suits my purpose as an opponent of vax mandates. Nevertheless, the ironies could not possibly be richer, nor more emblematic of our mass-hysterical times.”

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