Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński , the Polish (Catholic) “Primate of the Millennium” to be beatified on September twelfth

Despite all their trials and travails (or perhaps, because of them) the Polish people have been reliably Catholic, for over a thousand years.

For most of that time, if the civil government fell, the ranking Polish Catholic Cardinal automatically became the interim chief executive. So, up until fairly recent times, “Separation of Church and State” was never regarded by the Polish people as a valid concept.

Throughout WWII and for most of the Soviet Occupation, Cardinal Wyszynski served as Karol (Saint Pope John Paul II) Wojtyła’s Cardinal and Superior. The two were known to work very closely, together.

Their work culminated in Saint Pope John Paul II’s trips to Poland,
where he invoked the Holy Spirit before the Polish people,
bolstered the Solidarity Labor Union
and sparked confusion and terror
in the minds of his Communist Soviet adversaries,
leading shortly to the Fall of the Soviet Union
and the freedom of Western Europe,
without a single shot being fired;
something all the nuclear missiles in the world,
billions of dollars worth of conventional weapons and troops,
along with the combined economic and military power
of all the major, Western Powers
had never been able to accomplish.

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Suggested further reading:

(for those interested in Polish history and Catholic Geopolitics)
The Keys of This Blood, by Malachi Martin

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