More “official” absurdity from the Vatican

Catholic Cardinal, speaking for the Pope, says this:

“The abiding Christian conviction is that Jesus Christ
is the new way of salvation.
However, this does not mean that the Torah is diminished
or no longer recognized as the ‘way of salvation for Jews.’”

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Editor’s note: Jesus Christ, the eternally begotten Son of God; the second, Divine Person of the Holy Trinity; the New Adam; the holy and spotless Lamb of God; IS, has ALWAYS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE the sole means of salvation for ALL, including Jews.

The Torah constitutes the written Word of God. Incorporated within it is The Divine Law, which is perfect. The Divine Law has never been abrogated, by God.

BUT, due to the decrepit, permanent, negative effects of Original Sin on our essential human nature, which has been profoundly damaged/wounded/corrupted by sin, as well as our irreparable offenses against God’s infinite perfection and justice; salvation is in NO WAY POSSIBLE, except by means of the work of A HOLY and SPOTLESS (divine and absolutely sin-free) human REDEEMER (Jesus Christ), who is BOTH wholly acceptable to God and fully capable of making satisfactory reparation for the grievous offenses (sins) which man has ALREADY committed against GOD.

In short, God’s Law is wonderful, perfect and eternal, in that it shows us how to live and love, preparing us to properly coexist with God and man, in Heaven and on the Earth.

But, the Divine Law (Torah, Ten Commandments, Decalogue) pales in comparison to our Divine Savior and Creator God, Jesus Christ, who remains the ONLY means of eternal salvation, for ALL persons of faith, everywhere and for all time.

The Cardinal, the Pope (and everybody else, including the Jews) may not believe that, but they SHOULD, since there’s absolutely nothing more important!

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  1. Bergoglio and Biden: simply ignore both.

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