People who accept the fact that men can be women and women can be men typically also have no problem accepting dangerous “vaccines” that don’t actually prevent what they’re supposed to prevent.

If MASKS are so important, why hasn’t the government initiated a “crash” research and development program to produce and widely distribute the “perfect” high performance mask?

If the so-called Covid-19 VACCINE is so effective, why was it necessary for the CDC to redefine the term “vaccine” in order to match the dismal performance of the current offerings?

If Nobel Prize winning Ivermectin is so dangerous and ineffective, why do places like central Africa and at least one Indian state (with a population of some 200 million) where Ivermectin is the preferred treatment and prophylactic therapy (for humans) do so much better than most other places, in spite of their contaminated environments and overcrowded conditions? Also, why is it that the symptoms of long-term Covid are typically eliminated within 48 hours of taking Ivermectin, after conventional vaccines and other approved therapies provided little or no relief?

If the “vaccines” and masks are safe and effective (as claimed) why do masked, vaccinated people still get and spread Covid? Why are “booster shots” necessary and why is overdosing so dangerous?

Does the alleged, highly transmissible “Delta Variant” actually exist, or are the vaccines simply much less effective and much more dangerous than advertised?

Is Dr. Anthony Fauci the real life/current day embodiment of the “Big Brother” character from the 1984 novel and the famous Apple Macintosh 1984 commercial? Are WE the real life/current day embodiment of the poor souls who were forced to listen to that guy? Isn’t it time somebody put a stop to it?

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  1. I wish we knew the answers to the above questions.
    We must pray that the Lord is involved.

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