Sane people have to wonder if “Double Doubling Down” on potentially dangerous, ineffective Covid shots is “nuts”

With some nations already on their fourth round of Covid inoculations/boosters, with no end in sight, sane people have to wonder:

If you got four consecutive polio shots
and still came down with polio,
wouldn’t you begin to think something
might be very, very wrong
with those shots?

If the authorities attempted to justify or minimize the effects of such blatant failures with an assurance that even so, the shot acted to reduce the severity of the disease, wouldn’t a sane person demand from those same authorities at least a modicum of valid, properly sourced, confirmed and certified, scientific proof?

How crazy is it to rely almost 100% on the Covid shots, when a number of effective drug therapies have been available all along, if only certain people weren’t fixated on a one size fits all, magic bullet type of solution, that often fails?

Now that Doctor Fauci has been linked to farming out and funding Gain of Function research (according to the recently unearthed DARPA report and related emails) to a Wuhan, Chinese lab, where substandard containment protocols allegedly permitted Covid 19 to escape into “the wild”, wouldn’t it make sense for the doctor to step down; especially in light of Fauci’s proven lack of credibility and roughly 50-50 demonstrated track record?

Sane people have to wonder…

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  1. I say NUREMBERG Ii

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