ASK FATHER: Priest berated me for confessing venial sins and then used the wrong form of absolution. What should I do?

Father Z’s detailed reply

Reliable source in the Canadian military cautions: Take your money out of the Canadian banking system because the situation is “far worse” than anyone is being told.

Reports of bank withdrawal limits and cash outages surface.

Mainstream Media silent.

What’s in your wallet?

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The Church on earth is not looking very much like the spotless Bride of Christ

My response to those who inquire into my loyalty to the Church is quite simple. My faith is not in the princes of the Church, the pope, the hierarchical structures, or a particular form of worship or expression of the truth. My faith is in Truth Himself, in Jesus Christ, in whose Cross there is salvation and in whose Resurrection there is hope. “Do not put your trust in princes,” says the psalmist, “in mortals, in whom there is no help…. Happy are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God” (Psalm 146:3, 5). 

It makes little difference what Pope Francis, or Fr. James Martin, or Cardinal Kasper are doing, but it makes all the difference what Christ has done and continues to do in and through His Church. We already know the end of the story: Christ returns, vanquishes His enemies and casts them into the eternal fire, and draws His Bride to Himself for an eternity of joyous feasting.

More from Aaron Debusschere at Crisis Magazine

Editor’s note: The above is why faith in Jesus Christ and his Mystical Body, which is the Church, has always been necessary, for salvation; perhaps now, more than ever.

Biden’s secret plan for defeating Putin at the Ukraine summit

Just like the time Joe “took out” Captain McCluskey and Virgil Sollozzo
at that Italian restaurant, in New York

Canada’s Justice Minister Says Trump Supporters Should Worry About Having Their Bank Accounts Frozen

Governments (including the U.S. government) who resort to such ridiculous and unconstitutional strategies should (among other things) worry about RUNS ON THEIR BANKS, as concerned, hard working, ordinary citizens begin to realize that if the government can get away with doing that, then they can take away EVERYBODY and ANYBODY’s money, for WHATEVER REASON, they manage to “gin up”.

People are funny about their money, that way! (The Minister should immediately resign.)

In light of the widespread political corruption, malfeasance, ineptitude and tyranny being so shockingly revealed by clueless politicians and current (Covid and other) events, it’s probably time to repeal the Patriot Act and eliminate all currency controls, confiscations and government impoundments of personal property, including reporting requirements of any and every kind, no matter the official excuse or rationale.

The bureaucrats have proved that they cannot be trusted and their level of arrogance and incompetence is beyond the pale.

Times have changed. The people have been massively lied to, abused and disregarded. With the dismal failures of both political parties, it may even be time to opt for the Libertarian view of things.

Before the next election, We the People should make our position absolutely clear and hold every elected official personally accountable for prompt and proper performance. No double talk and no excuses.

Or maybe … just throw the rascals out!

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More is the new “home” of The Catholic Treasure Chest website

I’ve lost touch with my old friend Bob Stanley,
of The Catholic Treasure Chest
and the original domain name is no longer available.

Bob’s site has been (for the last 20 years or so) one of the finest, most complete, truly Catholic websites on the planet.

According to the informal plan that Bob and I worked up together, many years ago: Should such an event occur, I was to restore the site from a comprehensive backup and get things up and running again, ASAP.

The Catholic Treasure Chest is once again, up and running
and may be accessed through available links
on this ( site.

Click here to view

Update: Bob Stanley has passed away

Why liberals and tin-horn politicians particularly hate “assault weapons”

The mere existence of such weaponry, in the possession of free people, serves to deter the diabolical work of tyrants, as well as their associated ranks of useful idiots, dedicated co-conspirators and paid minions/accomplices.

Our Founding Founders knew this, from practical experience.

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution confirms the need and guarantees the right.

Don’t believe it? Look at what has happened to the totally unarmed/disarmed Australians, under the guise of Covid “safety”. People were (and still are) being illegally locked down, interrogated, arrested, fined and imprisoned, without recourse, solely at the whim of government bureaucrats and police. And there’s not a thing they can do about it.

Those same two-faced, tin horn, self-serving Australian politicians recently bought themselves a fleet of nuclear submarines, in order to deter China from moving in on them!

Isn’t hypocritical irony great?

Even when tyrants manage to over step their bounds, an armed citizenry virtually guarantees it won’t be long until such miscreants are successfully reigned in;

Not necessarily because the people WILL begin shooting – but because they have the ability, the equipment … and they MIGHT!

And even China clearly understands that fact.

Police action against Canadian truckers should remind us of the REAL purpose of police forces

Some variation of the phrase: “To Serve and Protect” can usually be seen on police cars and police stations, badges and other law enforcement imagery, in virtually every nation, on earth.

Long experience demonstrates that the real entity the police are empowered to protect is the GOVERNMENT, rather than the CITIZENS. There are even court decisions in place, clearly stating that police forces have no obligation to protect CITIZENS.

If in doubt, consider the recent Canadian experience, along with the many other “secret” and other police entities that have existed and continue to exist, mainly to prop up various, tyrannical, lawless regimes (like Trudeau’s) at the expense of the citizenry.

If you think this sounds like a “Defund the Police” screed, you’re wrong.

When police actually uphold the law, rather than merely following the illegal or quasi-legal political dictates/policies/executive orders of cheap, tin-horn politicians/tyrannical thugs in power, things generally, work out pretty well.

Unfortunately, many/most of today’s police officers, chiefs, superintendents and cooperative judges seem to be more concerned with keeping their jobs and collecting their pensions, rather than serving the people and upholding the rights of citizens – and that’s when things usually tend to go “off the rails”.

Comprehensive training in Constitutional Rights and the Natural Law would probably do much more for the people than the classes in “Wokeness” many of today’s officers are forced to endure. The same goes for the military, as well as all public servants, everywhere.

But that would leave clueless, tyrannical politicians like Trudeau with few options and very little power over free people.

Like things were always intended to be.

We can discuss politically compliant/complicit “in the tank” mainstream media, another time.

Why the Officer Kim Potter conviction and sentencing should make actor Alec Baldwin very worried

Kim Potter was a police officer, who in the heat of conflict, mistakenly shot and killed a (black) man, for which she received a 16-24 month prison sentence.

Baldwin simply appears to have carelessly screwed up, resulting in an even more serious outcome (one death, plus one, serious injury).

There is apparently no racial component and no direct police involvement in the Baldwin incident, but that really shouldn’t matter. In both cases, mistakes were made and people are dead.

So, let’s all wait and see how well that blindfold and those scales actually work!

No real surprise: Myocarditis produced by a COVID-19 infection tends to be mild and “inconsequential” while the myocarditis caused by the vaccine can be severe.

Dr. Malone: “This technology is immature.”

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Cardinal Müller: the dissenters – [popes,] “cardinals, bishops, theology professors” – are “secularised people” who call themselves “Catholic,” remain with their titles, and take the Church’s money “but they won’t accept the teaching of the word of God” and “don’t believe what the Church is saying.”

Post Vatican II, Vatican Hall looks a lot more like Hell, than Heaven

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Quebec bishops ban unvaccinated from churches

Let us now take a closer look at the most recent actions of the bishops in La Belle Province, Quebec. Whilst Premiers are feeling the enormous pressure from the Canadian truckers, resulting in the beginning of the removal of “passports” and other authoritarian measures that have no basis in law or logic, these bishops of Quebec have decided to LOCK OUT of churches all those who have not been “vaccinated”, even though omicron (a non-lethal very mild upper respiratory infection manifesting similarly to the common cold) constitutes 99% of all the COVID-19 positive tests and though “vaccines” have now conclusively been proven to not work.

… No entry into a church de facto imposes an interdict on faithful Catholics. These evil men have made a vaccine (which does not even work and compared to other vaccines is very dangerous) the defining identifier of who is a Catholic.

You are “unvaccinated”? You have just been deprived of the Sacraments. 

Read more at Toronto Catholic Witness

Unpacking some of the major effects of Covid-19 on Catholics and the Church

I am the good shepherd: and I know mine,
and mine know me. 
As the Father knows me, and I know the Father: and I lay down my life for my sheep.

More than two years after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we look back at how key, Catholic Church officials performed, under pressure.

BIGGEST FAILURE: Dereliction of duty. Cowardice.
The Mass and the Sacraments, along with virtually every other type of in-person care for the souls of the faithful were immediately, indefinitely suspended.

Except for Mass on TV, the “shepherds” quickly deserted their “flocks”, abandoning them almost completely, to the power of death.

According to the Bible, only fake shepherds (hirelings) are known to behave that way.

Most Memorable Example: Just prior to the official start of the pandemic, Pope Francis was observed, in the Vatican, frantically slapping the hands of a reportedly Catholic, Asian woman, in order to prevent her from approaching him more closely. He later, apologized.

BIGGEST SUCCESS: Receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid, from the government.
The Church applied for and later received, very substantial financial aid from the government, allowing salaries to continue to be paid to key, Church personnel. This, in addition to an estimated $2.5 billion dollars received by Catholic Charities, along with an estimated $2 billion the Vatican (allegedly) covertly received, in exchange for betraying Chinese Catholics into the hands of the evil, Communists.

Biblical references: “Hirelings” (John: 10:11-13). Also, “Judas” (John 12:4-6).

There is certainly much more (both good and bad) remaining to be to unpacked!

Archdiocese of Chicago faces multiple challenges, including fewer Catholic priests, fewer people in the pews, old buildings that need repairs and financial shortages

What? Me worry?

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AT&T lady explains precisely what it’s like to sell your soul to the devil

So the peppy lady from those AT&T commercials just came out and claimed that the abortion from her past was a pleasant experience. Ah it’s just another day ending in y, isn’t it?

Actress Milana Vayntrub, whom you’d probably recognize from those insipid AT&T commercials, recently penned a column in The Daily Beast for the sake of explaining just how important her abortion was to her.

Not only did Vayntrub talk about the necessity of a woman’s right to murder her own offspring, she also spoke of it in very pleasant terms, calling it a “beautifully boring” experience. Unfortunately for her son/daughter, it was definitely the opposite kind of experience.

Full story

Satire: Olympic skier names his skis “Biden”.

Because nothing and/or no one else
has ever made things go downhill, quite as fast.

Words matter! Priest chastised for using wrong “form” for Baptisms. Bishop rules all his Baptisms over the last twenty years invalid, with major consequences for the faithful

“It is with sincere pastoral concern that I inform the faithful that baptisms performed by Reverend Andres Arango, a priest of the Diocese of Phoenix, are invalid,” he said.

Proper words of Baptism:
“I baptize you in the name of the Father
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

(While immersing, or
pouring water on the forehead)

“If you were baptized using the wrong words, that means your baptism is invalid, and you are not baptized. You will need to be baptized,” the Phoenix diocese said. Anyone aware of a priest or deacon using an invalid baptismal formula in the diocese should contact diocesan officials.

Serious consequences: An invalid baptism would invalidate the sacrament of confirmation and holy orders, for the person who has tried to receive these sacraments. Those who are not validly baptized should not receive Holy Communion until they can be baptized. There is “no single clear answer” on whether lack of a valid baptism would affect matrimony, and those whose marriages could be affected in this way should contact the diocesan tribunal.

Link to story

Editor’s note: The specific language used in the Mass and the Sacraments constitutes the Church authorized “form”. The water, eucharistic bread, oil, etc. constitutes the Church approved “matter”.

Absent both of these, Sacraments are typically NOT VALID. So, pay close attention when present or participating; especially these days.

Also, after a priest hears your confession, make certain that you hear the correct, Church specified words of absolution, particularly if you confessed grave/mortal sin(s).

Approved form of absolution:

God, the Father of mercies, through the
death and resurrection of his Son

has reconciled the world to himself and sent the
Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of
sins; through the ministry of the Church
may God give you pardon and peace, and
I absolve you from your sins in the name
of the Father, and of the Son, and of the
Holy Spirit. Amen.

If in doubt, immediately ask to be properly absolved. If you’re not up for that, go to confession using another priest/confessor, for a complete do over.

Mundabor muses: Bishop (Nobody Goes To Hell) Robert Barron appears to be inordinately attached to certain tattooed, male body builders and promoters of homosexuality, leading to public scandal

From Clean The Church:
For some reason that is leading to a scandal,
 Barron is always surrounded by one or more

muscular, tattooed men. 
Everywhere he goes, I mean everywhere Barron goes,
he is always accompanied by these men. What’s more disturbing,
he employs them, he pays them higher than high salaries,
and it appears that one or more of them live with him.

From Mundabor: There is an awful lot of stuff there. Not coincidences. Not episodes. A whole picture. In the very, very, VERY best of cases, Barron is a Bishop with a clearly unhealthy passion for culturism, which leads him to wrong choices and to give the money donated to his organisation to his not-very-Catholic-looking pals irrespective of qualifications.

This sounds unprofessional and, again, a strange environment for a Bishop as one certainly prone to unhealthy narcissism; a narcissism so pronounced, in fact, that most women will tell you it makes such men unattractive to them. Go figure… in more than one sense.

In the worst case, this is just another closeted faggot blathering heresies because he has lost the faith, and the shame, a long time ago. One, also, in the hands of the Gaystapo.

Original article at Clean the Church

Link to Mundabor’s Blog

The answers to these 3 questions will typically reveal whether a person is truly Catholic, or not

Question ONE: Who is buried in Jesus’ tomb?

Question TWO: Who is buried in The Blessed Virgin Mary’s tomb?

Question THREE: What is Satan’s relationship to Jesus?


Question ONE – Nobody. Jesus has risen from the dead, by his own power.

Question TWO – Nobody. The Blessed Virgin has been bodily assumed into Heaven, according to the power and grace of God.

Question THREE: Jesus is God, the Second, divine person of the Holy Trinity; King of Kings and Lord of Lords. All things (including fallen angels, like Satan) have been created by Jesus.