Who Moved The Stone? by Frank Morison

This study is in some ways so unusual and provocative that the writer thinks it desirable to state here very briefly how the book came to take its present form.

In one sense it could have taken no other, for it is essentially a confession, the inner story of a man who originally set out to write one kind of book and found himself compelled by the sheer force of circumstances to write another.

It is not that the facts themselves altered, for they are recorded imperishably in the monuments and in the pages of human history. But the interpretation to be put upon the facts underwent a change. Somehow the perspective shifted –not suddenly, as in a flash of insight or inspiration, but slowly, almost imperceptibly, by the very stubbornness of the facts themselves.

The book as it was originally planned was left high and dry, like those Thames barges when the great river goes out to meet the incoming sea. The writer discovered one day that not only could he no longer write the book as he had once conceived it, but that he would not if he could…

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  1. A whole book on this simplisticly physical question? What matters is what happened inside the tomb, before the stone was moved. Thanks for offering the free book. So what, WRT any of its conclusions or speculations? Just askin’. I’m pretty sure the Scriptures provide immeasurably better–and sufficient–answers.

    • This is a 1930’s classic that was highly recommended by many, as well as being available today, for free.

      • “For free”? Well, no argument that you’ll get at least what you pay for. The subject matter strikes me as similar to the old question of how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. I freely admit that I have not read this “classic”. That said, the number of books I have not read could fill the library of Alexandria. Only so many hours in the day, so many days in the year, so many years in a lifetime. Now in my eighth decade, I am more focused than ever on what pages are worth turning during whatever time remains to me.

        No matter what else, Happy Easter 2022!

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