Congresswoman Greene “unloads” on corrupt Catholic Bishops, stands up to Catholic League Bill Donohue’s criticism

Complete transcript:


Representing the 14th District of Georgia

WASHINGTON D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene issued the following statement:

“Today, the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue accused me of slandering Catholics and Catholicism in an interview I gave to Michael Voris at Church Militant. Nothing could be further from the truth, and he must apologize promptly and publicly for these words.

Donohue should have called my office, or had a staffer check Google, before firing off a hysterical-sounding statement. He doesn’t know this, but I am a cradle Catholic. I was born into the church, raised in it and I was married in the Church.

With great sorrow, and unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, I stopped attending Catholic Mass when I became a mother, because I realized that I could not trust the Church leadership to protect my children from pedophiles, and that they harbored monsters even in their own ranks.

It’s the church leadership I was referring to when I invoked the Devil. The bishops know that, but had their loyal lapdog pretend I was being disrespectful about the faith. Just so we’re clear, bishops, when I said “controlled by Satan,” I wasn’t talking about the Catholic Church. I was talking about you.

The Catholic Church must throw out these monsters instead of lecturing the people its own bishops have driven away.

I refuse to use kinder, gentler language as Bill Donohue might prefer when I talk about his disgusting and corrupt friends, who have made him rich with the donations from ordinary churchgoing Catholics.

I love God and I love Jesus Christ. Is the same true of the scheming bureaucrats in miters who preach the gospel while turning a blind eye to the abuse of innocents? That’s for God to determine—and punish. But I can tell you that it’s the bishops‘ wickedness that has driven me away from the Church, and I make no apologies for saying so.

America’s Catholic bishops are some of the worst in the world. They have lied, deceived and committed despicable criminal acts for decades, driving millions out of the Church, causing children to kill themselves, emotionally crippling others and sentencing countless victims to lives of deep mental pain.

The tragedy is that America is full of pious, churchgoing Catholics and kind, brilliant priests. There are even a few good bishops. The faithful deserve better pastoral leadership, and bishops who don’t smear and punish good priests for being “too Catholic.”

Parents have no way to tell the good from the bad under the current leadership: We are left to wonder whether our parish priest is one of the predators too.

The bishops are also busy destroying our nation using taxpayer money to advocate for the illegal invasion across our borders. They dare to dress up Democrat vandalism and lawlessness as somehow “religious,” which perhaps explains their distaste for me. What more can we expect from criminals and abusers living unaccountable lives of luxury funded by the rest of us, draped in fine linens while choirboys are raped.

I myself, baptized and married in the Catholic Church, left because I would not submit the spiritual and physical livelihood of my children to these monsters. Bill Donohue, by contrast, makes a million dollars a year, partly from sending out emails to defend corrupt bishops. He has done nothing in his long career to reform the appalling state of the clergy.

If you think I’m exaggerating, Donohue breezily claimed on television recently that the abuse crisis in the church was “over,” relying on data provided by the same bishops who rake in taxpayer money in the name of our Heavenly Father yet have still, somehow, bankrupted the Church, and who spend donations on lawsuits to silence their victims.

Forgive me if I decline to take lectures from the man bishops send out to do their dirty work when their delicate feelings are hurt. I stand by my statement, and I will continue to pray for the urgently needed reforms of, and repairs to, the Bride of Christ.

Until the people running the Catholic Church stop abusing children and stop covering up the abuse of children, I will continue to hold them to account. And I’ll keep naming and shaming the craven enablers who write their press releases, too. I know they’ve made you rich, Bill, but before you meet Almighty God, you might want to consider new clients.”

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  1. I would not presume to question or challenge Rep. Greene’s conscientious polemic in the least. As a fellow cradle Catholic, I will merely add the following personal narrative. I did not leave the Church (sic). The Establishment church (sic) left me and hundreds of millions of Catholics throughout the world–including the US–when churches were closed throughout Holy Week, Easter and up to Pentecost (and some beyond) during spring 2020. All in collusion with secular, pagan COVID policies. Since that time, I cannot trust anything that takes place within the walls of a Catholic church building that denied mass and the sacraments to the faithful during this infamous period. Moreover, I now question everything that took place pre-panicdem (sic): that these dioceses and parishes so willingly cooperated with the Devil’s agenda.. I currently and will indefinitely attend mass at a resistance parish that refused to obey the governors, and remained faithful and compliant to the Lord.

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