The Law is the Law

A significant part of the ongoing problem in the Church is the lack of obedience, for any ‘hierarchy’ only works when everyone buys in. A lawless Church militant is an oxymoron, and it is disconcerting when the officers themselves so often don’t seem obey what their own institution – in this case, a divinely-guided one – tells them to do. We are left flummoxed, and are like foot-soldiers who have seen the master-plan of their general, but find their officers flouting it: Do they obey the bishops, or the Church?

Here are just a few examples of laws, decrees and disciplines, that have been formally promulgated, and are binding upon the Church. They are sort of random, and of varying degrees of gravity, some moral, some disciplinary. But the point is how well they are preached, observed and obeyed.


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