Bishops effectively excommunicated the majority of Catholics by enforcing misguided Covid rules


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  1. the action of officially excluding someone from participation in the sacraments and services of the Christian Church. “he appealed against the papal sentence of excommunication”


  1. To quote myself from another Doug Lawrence thread: “I did not leave the Church (sic). The Establishment church (sic) left me and hundreds of millions of Catholics throughout the world–including the US–when churches were closed throughout Holy Week, Easter and up to Pentecost (and some beyond) during spring 2020. All in collusion with secular, pagan COVID policies. Since that time, I cannot trust anything that takes place within the walls of a Catholic church building that denied mass and the sacraments to the faithful during this infamous period. Moreover, I now question everything that took place pre-panicdem (sic): that these dioceses and parishes so willingly cooperated with the Devil’s agenda. I currently and will indefinitely attend mass at a resistance parish that refused to obey the governors, and remained faithful and compliant to the Lord.”

  2. You are obviously a faithful, wise and rational person.

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