As if the original Christian Pentecost wasn’t good enough

Retired Archbishop Charles Chaput says that we Catholics need a “New Pentecost”, as if the original Christian Pentecost was in some way, inadequate.

What’s really inadequate is the ill conceived, poorly implemented and blasphemous new paradigm, still being foisted on Catholics by modernist bishops, known as “The Second Vatican Council”.

The Archbishop should spend some time studying the Coca-Cola Company’s disastrous, 1985 rollout of “New Coke”.

“Coke” didn’t require fifty years of decline and failure to recognize and reverse their colossal mistake, yet the largely corrupt and spiritually blind Catholic hierarchy is still stumbling around in the dark, to this day, blaming their personal failures on the Holy Spirit.

Saint Paul learned how to deal with and rise above such personal inadequacies, writing about it in 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 12. But, Saint Paul was actually Catholic; he had “guts”; plus, Saint Paul knew and believed that God’s grace is sufficient.

No blasphemous/sacrilegious “New” Pentecost required!

Read Archbishop Chaput’s essay

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