Bob Stanley’s “The Catholic Treasure Chest” website is fully operational in English and Spanish; including the new, custom search feature. Try it!

Click Here For Bob Stanley’s
“The Catholic Treasure Chest” Website
E N G L I S H – I N G L E S

Bob Stanley’s
“The Catholic Treasure Chest”
provides practical, well written and clearly explained
Catholic answers to a host of faith questions.

The site is fully up and running here at
in English and Spanish, in both HTML
and downloadable, PDF formats.

Your advice, suggestions and prayers are greatly appreciated.

May God richly bless you and yours.

Click Here For Bob Stanley’s
“The Catholic Treasure Chest” Website
S P A N I S H – E S P A N O L


  1. Dear Mr.Lawrence

    I am a big fan of Bob Stanley’s THECATHOLICTREASURECHEST.COM. I use it constantly.

    Did somethng happen to Mr. Stanley? Is he ill? Did he enter into eternal glory?

    • Dear Michael, I have been unable to reach Bob. It appears that he is no longer able to maintain his website, but he is most likely, still with us. We had a prior plan in place to keep the Treasure Chest going in such an event, but due to technical issues, the CTC domain went dormant and the domain was acquired by another party, even before I discovered that it had lapsed.

      • Hello,
        Thank you for continuing my father’s work and website. He would be so pleased.

        My father, Bob Stanley passed away on August 29th, and his funeral is this Friday, September 23rd. We miss him dearly.

        Much love,
        Christine (Stanley)

      • Thank you so much for getting this incredible piece of work up and running again. I was so sad when I discovered it was gone, and then taken by a slot machine business. I kept googling it in hopes something would come up about it and finally, it’s here again. Thank you.

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