Who you gonna’ call?

Many big city police forces have already been at least, partially defunded.

Many/most other police forces are so demoralized, so poorly staffed, so “woke” and poorly led, that even if they respond, they often merely stand around and watch.

The sworn duty of police forces everywhere is,
Protect and preserve the GOVERNMENT.

YOUR life and property is relatively insignificant.
Meaning: Protecting you and yours is purely optional!

Real world experience proves this to be true.

Once the Dems succeed at banning the types of effective weapons that average people are actually capable of safely and effectively deploying in self defense (against ANY enemy, foreign or domestic) who you gonna’ call when you find yourself under attack, in mortal danger, as we all witnessed during the Rodney King riots, the BLM riots, numerous multiple shootings and other recent incidents?

Case in point: Not very long ago, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine possessed a formidable, nuclear arsenal, which effectively deterred all types of aggression against Ukraine, from all parties. The “Great Powers” (under the leadership of Barack Obama and Joe Biden) convinced Ukraine to “voluntarily” give up their arsenal, in exchange for “guaranteed protection” and other “perks”.

We can see how well that’s working out today, for the embattled Ukrainians.

How do you think things will work out for (the formerly free) American people when guns are illegal, the government is allowed to run totally unchecked and only criminals and the government/police have guns?

Let’s also not forget what governments did to once free people, all around the world, in the name of Covid-19. Look to Australia and China to see the results of having a totally unrestrained government combined with a gun-free citizenry. Let’s not forget about what happened in “Red Canada”, either.

And all these guys are just getting started!

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