The Novus Ordo Mass is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.

What with no-chasuble, alb & stole Masses,
felt-banner Masses, clown Masses, rock Masses,
dancing incense bowls Masses,
stereotypical ethnic Masses,
liberation theology Masses,
clap-your-hands Masses,
inclusive, come-as-you-are
& all-are-welcome LGTBI Masses
and blessings with guitars Masses, ad nauseam,
you never know what entertainment to expect next.

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  1. The greater concern must be about post-conciliar ordination rites. Are all valid? Are any valid? Have the intentions–or lack thereof–of any or all ordainers and ordainees ever invalidated the sacrament? If so, how many times? Or were all post-V2 ordinations compromised by changes in form that blocked validity in all cases? In other words, how many true priests are there today: celebrating either Novus, Vetus or both? If the celebrant is invalidly ordained, then nothing supernatural or transubstantial happens at his mass. Multiply that scenario by…how many masses?

    It is pure terror to go down this rabbit hole. But there is no avoiding it if Holy Mother Church is to survive. We must know if the vast majority of at least Roman Catholics are encountering the Real Presence when they attend mass. Given that a clear majority no longer believe in the Real Presence, then–God help us–the non-believers might actually be onto the ultimate nightmare on Earth, without even knowing so.

  2. The issues you raised are critically important. If the sacrament of Holy Orders and the rites of the Sacraments are no longer valid, than the Mass and Holy Communion are idolatrous. The un-Christian actions of this Pope and his Cardinals seem to indicate that they know something the rest of us do not. Let’s hope and pray it’s not that!

    • Agreed: let’s hope and pray so. Meanwhile, thank you for taking my comment in the spirit in which it was intended. It was not at all easy to write. I only wish that your blog had more visitors.

  3. Viewership is ramping up, due to the Catholic Treasure Chest fans slowly discovering the new location. Your comments are always greatly appreciated.

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