The wages of sin is death … and … Monkeypox.

…it must be emphasized that Monkeypox is almost exclusively happening among men who have sex with men, if you can call it sex, which you really shouldn’t. It seems to have originated in Africa and somehow jumped the stream to gay orgies in Europe. And then came to all those lovely “pride” events in the United States and we are faced with yet another gay plague. 

You cannot really call any aspect of this “good news” but it does remind us that this way of life is not really about white picket fences and church on Sunday as the media would like to portray it. The former gay porn actor Joe Sciambra explains that one reason he went the gay way is that not even prostitutes would do what his then-fevered imagination desired. But gay men would. How alarming and sad is that?

Link to story at Crisis Magazine

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