Biden: Mr. Rosary for the press, but Mr. Anti-Catholic for the real world.

While Joe is preening for the cameras and his press lackeys are pretending the stories just somehow came out, he was busy with other stuff, which was pretty much the opposite of Catholic:

For starters, he’s vowed to make abortion rights national, and has even dropped his longstanding opposition to ending the filibuster to get it through Congress.

“I share the public outrage to this extremist court, that’s committed to moving America backwards with fewer rights, less autonomy, and politicians invading the most personal decisions,” Biden said Friday in a virtual meeting with Democratic governors to discuss protecting abortion access.

He’s not a simpering wimp of a Catholic who is merely “personally opposed” to abortion, but… No, he’s an active proponent of it willing to use political muscle for it, and not just in the states, but overseas, pushing abortion with the passion of a fanatic who considers it a sacrament.

Worse still, the crazed left has vandalized and burned dozens of churches, many of them Catholic, as well as interrupted and disrupted mass and other religious services in the name of promoting abortion. Any word on Joe to condemn that? Not a single word. Those after all, are his political allies, so he’s got nothing to say, wink, wink.

Read more at American Thinker

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