Francis the Scourge is subjecting the world to the spectacle of a Jesuit in the New World, wearing the papal white to attend the same pagan rites that the Jesuits first came here to save us from, five centuries ago.

Those heroes paid dearly – in blood, fire, and torments that can hardly be described (seriously, have you read this? or this or this?) – to deliver us from the darkness of superstition and false worship on this continent.

Now, Francis welcomes this same darkness. He celebrates it. He disavows the legacy of his forebears and insults them instead, daring to call them misguided, “colonizers,” and more.

Read More At Whispers of Restoration

Editor’s note: Francis is (currently) the world’s leading proponent of the old, pagan, Babylonian Mystery Religion (The Modern, Green Movement) which is the antithesis of authentic Christianity. Something is obviously, very wrong, here!

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