To deny one’s DNA-dictated and physiologically self-evident binary heterosexual identity is not a joke. It is deep-seated mental illness and spiritual rebellion at the same time.

Where is America on the scale of rebellion against God in these matters? We are leading the entire world! Democracy, human rights, the rule of law and the liberal world order have all been redefined since the Obama regime began to prioritize sexual deviance.

Should the MAGA “red wave” be defeated in November, this entire generation of young people will be coercively recruited to LGBTism beyond anything ever seen in this world. No human effort will be able to stop it.

U.S. hegemony has been virtually synonymous with global LGBT cultural arm-twisting since Obama, with only a partial slowdown under President Trump.

Likewise, an “OBiden” victory over pro-family Russia in the Ukraine war (strengthening and enhancing America’s sole-superpower status as global LGBT agenda-enforcers) would absolutely ensure Ukraine and all of Europe would get the same treatment as American schoolchildren – backed 100% by the Demons of Davos.

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