Background sculpture of Pope Paul VI Hall reflects the tortured, twisted, uninspired “New Theology” promoted by the post-Vatican II Catholic Church


Monstrous Post Vatican II sculpture – allegedly of the Resurrectionserves as a back drop for the Pope Paul VI Hall in the Vatican


Similar ugly art at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, there’s plenty more where this came from, at churches and basilicas all around the world. What are these guys (Church leaders) thinking? Or is this simply a reflection of their decrepit, modernist souls? And why do Catholics even allow this type of spiritual blight, in their places of worship?

Editor’s note: This is a repost of an article we did back in 2013.


  1. What about the (sadly) ubiquitous and grotesque crucifixes so favored by JP-II?


    • Saint Pope John Paul II was most certainly a heroic figure, but he also had his limitations and faults. The “bent cross” crucifix always seemed a bit too theatrical, to me. Perhaps merely just another strange iteration of the obtuse “spirit” of Vatican II? Thanks for commenting. – Doug


      • You’re welcome. That said…

        JP-II was “canonized” by Bergoglio as the latter bookend to “canonizing” the catastrophe aka Vatican II. The Roncalli “canonization” was an equal travesty, and the Montini “canonization” was the final outrage. If only secular politics could be so transparent!

        Wojtyła was one of the most notorious influencers of the 20th century’s as-yet unmitigated conciliar disaster (along with, sadly, Ratzinger). JP-II was a master manipulator of the media, and the majority of his devotees was a media-driven personality cult. IMO. With no “H”.

        Here endeth the rant. For now.


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