George Weigel claims Catholic seminaries in the U.S. have been reformed; provides no evidence.

Weigel: Catholic seminaries have been thoroughly reformed. While vocations to the priesthood are down over the past decade—perhaps reflecting the constant criticism of priests from Rome—American seminaries are in their best shape in decades, and in all aspects of priestly formation: personal, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral.

Editor’s note: While we all hope Weigel’s statement are true, no actual evidence has been provided, other than unproven claims and (the usual) lame assurances by corrupt church officials. Those same assurances have been provided for many, many years now, in spite of the ongoing, widespread scandals.

What we Catholics need and demand is real and substantial seminary and clerical reform. Not more disingenuous speculation by church insiders, engaged in self-serving, “magical thinking”.

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