Ann Barnhardt drops an H-bomb on the late queen and the luciferian British monarchy

…The British Monarchy has been a giant luciferian psy-op for centuries to subtly attack and degrade the Papacy – which is, of course, the elected Monarchy established by Christ and endowed with a supernatural negative protection to – wait for it – DEFEND THE FAITH.

I’ve made the point now for years in this space that the founding objective of Freemasonry – which was founded in London in ARSH 1717 – was and is to destroy the Catholic Church by attacking and destroying the Papacy. To do this, Freemasonry has systematically attacked and destroyed all of the world’s MONARCHIES, because the destruction of the secular monarchical system was the necessary antecedent to destroying the Monarchy of monarchies – the Papacy.

Visit Ann’s site for much, much more

Editor’s note: Ann makes a shockingly good case for all of her stated positions, which are all authentically Catholic, as well. Definitely worth reading.

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