Why there’s no future in your FORD

Unacceptable church display, according to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford, Planned Parenthood, the Ford Foundation and City of Gross Point Democrat politicians

The millionaire great-grandson of Henry Ford used his influence to force a Michigan church to take down part of its pro-life display this month.

Edsel B. Ford II complained to the City of Grosse Pointe that the display at St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church was ugly and a “blight” on the community, The Federalist reports. Ford retired from the board of Ford Motor last year, according to ABC News.

The city responded “immediately” by ordering the church to take down its pro-life sign or replace it with a smaller one to comply with a city zoning ordinance, according to the report.

A photo of the St. Paul on the Lake display shows a large sign that reads “64,000,000 lost U.S. lives” surrounded by white crosses representing the lives of aborted babies on the church lawn. The sign also displays a phone number and website for women seeking pregnancy help.

Ford, whose wife is on the board of Michigan Planned Parenthood, apparently has complained about the pro-life display several times.

“Once again, I am writing to you with dismay concerning St. Paul Catholic Church’s use of their front lawn on Lake Shore Road to place signs and crosses advocating their political/moral/ethical position against abortion,” Ford told the city, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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