More public Pachamama idolatry with Francis, in the Vatican

Amazon Synod enthrones Mother Earth

On October 6, 2019, the Amazon Synod started with a Mass. After it ended, an informal group met with the Pope and brought to the floor of St. Peter’s Basilica – right in front of the Altar of the Confession, first row below – a canoe with a statue of a seated naked pregnant woman. It was a representation of the goddess Mother Earth, adored by Indians in South America under the name of Pachamama.

The group, including Pope Francis, walked forward in a chaotic “procession” carrying that goddess, enthroned in her canoe, to the building where the Amazon Synod meetings would take place.

Arriving at the Synod Assembly, the goddess was placed directly in front of the Pope’s table, where it remained in the sight of all those who are taking part in the sessions of the Bishops.

See more text and pics at Tradition In Action

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