So now we have this long-winded screed written by Vatican gas-bags telling us that mortal sins such as adultery, sodomy, fornication, contraception, idolatry, etc. aren’t really all that bad. 

Of course that is false and we see that this mish-mash is sinful in and of itself, as it is chock-full of cooperation with mortal sin. I cannot think of a single document that has come from the Francis mockery of a papacy that hasn’t explicitly promoted mortal sin and/or heresy.

Read more at Restore-DC-Catholicism


  1. Trusting the headline’s accuracy–having no reason not to–I say: “So what else is new?”

    • Having made recent trips through the midwest, the south, the southwest, west and northwest, I can declare that many Catholics there are aware of and concerned about the rampant corruption in the Church and they know who is responsible for it. The general exception would be Catholics in the larger cities, where pretty much anything might pass for Catholicism and very few seem to be concerned, at all. Thanks for writing!

      • Thx, Doug, for your quick response. Obviously, we are two night owls.

        I have long-since made my personal adjustments to remain subject to the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church: ever since the “establishment church” left faithful Catholics circa March 2020.

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