Certainly, man-made carbon was not a factor in any previous heating event in the Earth’s history.

So what is climate change hysteria and the Extinction Rebellion really all about? In the case of activists the issue is a need for rebellion and desperation for a cause. These are people who have far too much time on their hands and a feeling of inadequacy in life. In order to bring meaning to their hapless existence, they have attached themselves to the climate agenda without researching the circumstances and data.

In the case of the corporate media and global climate institutions funded by the UN and various governments, the issue is control. Climate change legislation along with carbon taxation gives the establishment the ability to micromanage almost all food production, manufacturing, resource development and energy usage. Not to mention, it creates an excuse for the implementation of population controls.

In a world where the UN and Extinction activists get their way, there might be a very real extinction involving mass reduction in energy output, the decline of the global economy and available agriculture. The world cannot sustain on green technology which is highly inefficient and incredibly costly. Oil, gas coal and perhaps nuclear power are the only practical resources to maintain our current civilization. But maybe that’s the point?

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