How I obtained a Plenary Indulgence, freeing my friend’s soul from Purgatory, while fulfilling my Sunday Mass obligation – all in about two hours.

By Doug Lawrence

You can do likewise, in only FOUR simple steps!

Many Catholic parishes have Saturday evening vigil masses that satisfy your Sunday Mass obligation. A good number of parishes also offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturday afternoons. Some parishes also offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation before or after Mass, on Sunday. That type of scheduling makes it relatively quick and easy to obtain indulgences.

Find a suitable Catholic parish
and then, proceed as follows:

(I did that on a Saturday, around 4 p.m.)

*** I spent the next hour praying, in Church ***

PRAY ONE ROSARY – While In Church.
(I chose praying the Rosary in Church
from a list of many available,
Church-specified, indulgenced works.)

specifically, for the Pope.

Attend Mass and
(I attended the 5 p.m. Saturday Mass
and received Holy Communion at about 5:40 p.m.)
(Reception of Holy Communion is required)

D O N E !!!
I fully expect that my deceased friend was out of Purgatory
and experiencing all the joys of Heaven
just moments, later!

Here’s how (and why) it works:

The Catholic Church, through the Pope and “The Power of the Keys” makes indulgences possible, for Catholics.

A Plenary Indulgence serves to obtain the immediate release of a designated holy soul from Purgatory, OR to remit any and all temporal punishment accruing from your own, already absolved/forgiven sins.

(A Partial Indulgence, typically results from a less than perfect attempt at obtaining a PLENARY INDULGENCE, or from the complete performance of Church-specified “lesser works”. A Partial Indulgence alone, is unable to fully accomplish the task of freeing a soul from Purgatory, although several Partial Indulgences, properly applied, may serve to do so.)

Indulgences may not be bought, sold, or applied to any living person on earth, other than yourself.

You must designate the recipient/beneficiary of your Plenary Indulgence in your personal prayer intentions. If the soul you are praying for doesn’t “need” the indulgence, God will see to it that another deserving soul in Purgatory receives it.

Unless you’re about to die,
you may obtain only ONE Plenary Indulgence, per day.

To obtain a Plenary Indulgence, you must also have NO ATTACHMENT TO SIN. (Not even venial sin.) That’s why it makes excellent sense to go right from the confessional into church, so as to successfully COMPLETE YOUR INDULGENCED WORK as soon as possible – with a pristine soul, no interruptions, no distractions and (hopefully) no opportunities to commit sin.

In my case, the particular, Church-specified “indulgenced work” was PRAYING THE ROSARY IN CHURCH. That was preceded by making A Good Confession (required) and followed up by praying an Our Father and a Hail Mary for the Pope (required) and receiving Holy Communion (also required).

There are many other Church-specified “indulgenced works” that may be accomplished, in order to obtain Plenary or Partial Indulgences, but (for now) we’re trying to keep this simple. Until you fully understand the process, simply do precisely what I described and you’ll be just fine.

Any Catholic (in good standing with the Church) can do this for deceased family members, friends, neighbors and other loved ones; even for those who passed away, many years ago!

For much more detailed and complete instructions
on the matter of Purgatory and Indulgences, click the link, below:

All About Sin, Death, Purgatory and Indulgences

Editor’s note: None of us are allowed to judge the state of a person’s immortal soul. That’s something left up to Jesus, alone. But, as fellow members of the Communion of Saints, we are permitted to make reasonable assumptions about their possible state in the afterlife and charitably do whatever we can, to help.

As this article clearly shows, helping to get holy souls released from Purgatory, through the grace empowered offices of the Holy Catholic Church, can be relatively simple to accomplish. And, nothing is ever wasted.

Read part two of this series, here.


  1. In the context of the 21st century’s sorely compromised, post-conciliar (so-called Catholic) church, I consider this anecdote and its prescriptions highly problematic. No disrespect to the teller intended.

    • Tell me more. – Doug

      • More? OK. The Establishment (nee Catholic) Church sowed the seeds of doubt about itself for over 50 years prior to COVID. Once the EC betrayed Roman Catholics worldwide in 2020, it removed all doubt about itself. I should say, it confirmed all those doubts. Since then, I routinely question anything and everything that issues from or is approved by that secular authority, or that takes place within its buildings and on its properties.

        Here endeth the rant.

      • Indulgences have been around since long before modern times. As for the various problems with the church – read the “Ratzinger, Tyconius, and Fatima: An Interpretive Key for the End Times.” (recent post) and you’ll see that the church has been struggling since day one. Thanks for writing. – Doug

  2. Your premise is duly noted. I repeat: What has been promulgated or approved by “the Vatican” since mid-March 2020 marks the point beyond which everything promulgated or approved by the establishment church is to be reflexily questioned. The One True Church showed Herself at and beyond that point to be unassailable. The establishment church threw herself into indefinite doubt thenceforth, in all matters.

    Aye, “the church has been struggling since day one”. Unfortunately, she established her true identity @03-15-2020. Beyond that date, the HQ was no longer in Rome or the Vatican.

    • Most Protestants claim such a thing happened shortly after the death of the last remaining Apostle, but they have no evidence to prove it.

      • OK, so imply that I am a “Protestant”. I am admittedly, unabashedly protesting. And I will continue to. Meanwhile, I agree to disagree with you…agreeably, of course.

      • My sole intent was to point out that there have been many very challenging periods in the life of the Church, yet the Church somehow manages to carry on, just as Jesus said it would. That’s probably why I’ve never been able to stay “mad” at the Church for more than about twenty years, at a stretch. Thanks for writing. – Doug

  3. I’m not mad at the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Never have been. But now it’s clear to me where to find Her, and where not to look. Cheers!

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