Pondering the Nature of God

Christology contains another set of mysteries. Proceeding from the Father, the Son is the Father’s Word, the Father’s expression of himself. Some theologians say that the Son is the only Word which the Father ever had to utter. The words of the Nicene Creed attest that through the Son “all things were made.” All good things in the universe are expressions of God the Father, made through his one Word, the Son.

As perfect Persons, the Father and the Son love one another in perfect unity. Their love is so profound that it is another Person, the Holy Spirit. One RCIA candidate, an expectant mother, related to this point with enthusiasm. “Two people loving one another so much that a third exists – that makes sense to me,” she said.

Regarding the eternity of God, human logic fails to fully grasping this. God exists, not bound by time and space, as earthly beings must be. Time and space began when God created the universe. God transcends this time and space; from all eternity, there is God. Further, the Son and the Holy Spirit exist from all eternity. As long as the Father has existed, his self-reflection and self-expression, which is the Son, has existed. As long as the Father and the Son have existed, their Love, the Holy Spirit, has existed.

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