Divine One-Upmanship

The Prospect of Divine Judgment Need Not Be So Terrifying

Jude 1:21  Keep yourselves in the love of God,
waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ,
unto life everlasting.

Security Breach At The Vatican

Pope Francis’ new Mayan Rite of the Mass is a trojan horse of pagan worship.

Pope Francis’ new Mayan Rite of the Mass is a trojan horse of pagan worship — and is on the brink of being unleashed to the entire world. Born from Francis’ Pachamama Synod glorifying pagan practices in the Amazon, Francis is now injecting pagan worship directly into the heart of the Mass — scandalizing billions of Catholics around the world.

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Practical Observation On the Solemnity of the Annunciation

Corpus Christi

Can Anybody See What Time It Is?

15 Archaeological Proofs of Old Testament Accuracy

12. In 2015, the royal bulla (or seal) of the biblical king Hezekiah (r. 715– 687/6 BC) was found in the most ancient part of Jerusalem. It was dated to between 727 and 698 BC. Hezekiah dug the famous tunnel bearing his name (2 Kings 20:20; 2 Chronicles 32:2–4,30; Isaiah 22:11). I was thrilled to be able to walk through it in 2014.

13. The prophet Isaiah lived from c. 740 to c. 681 BC. A bulla with his name on it was found in 2018 in Jerusalem, most excitedly within six and a half feet of the Hezekiah bulla. The two men are associated in the Bible 14 of 29 times that Isaiah’s name occurs.

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“30 for us, nothing for them.”

Wherein “One Mad Mom” gets angry about what the Catholic Church Hierarchy is doing (and not doing) after 10 years of Pope Francis.

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Guardian Angel Story: As I started walking, I heard this crystal-clear command: “STOP, GO BACK, NOW!”

When I was younger and stronger I worked as a lumberjack, though there and then the term used was “cutter,” in the far away wilderness of northern Maine right next to the Canadian border. It was on an  ordinary day, during an ordinary routine that my “invisible companion” just showed up.

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The fact that Christ’s death “paid for” or atoned for our sins does not mean that everything is finished regarding our salvation.

Our Lord himself “did things” for our salvation even after the crucifixion, since the Bible says Christ’s resurrection justifies us. Romans 4:24-25 speaks of “Jesus our Lord, who was put to death for our trespasses and raised for our justification.” St. Paul says, “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins.” This shows that our justification, and even the act of remitting our sins, was not finished when Jesus said, “It is finished” on the cross.

In fact, we have to do something in order to be saved because if Christ paid for all of humanity’s sins, then the difference between who is saved and who is damned can be found only in something the believer does, such as receiving grace through baptism and remaining in communion with Christ until death.

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If overlayed on top of each other, both St. Veronica’s Veil and the Veil of Manoppello align perfectly with one another and with the Shroud of Turin.

Throughout the history of the Catholic Church, saints, mystics, and scientific studies revealed the possible real face of Jesus Christ.

The Veils of St. Veronica, the Divine Mercy image, and the Shroud of Turin all provide clues as to the true Holy Face of Christ. Many of these images are either considered relics, or are revealed through Church-approved apparitions.

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Gabriel, Hold My Baby

From a 14th-century illuminated manuscript, the Taymouth Hours. Mother Mary hands the infant Jesus to the Archangel Gabriel and proceeds to tackle and subdue Satan. (Seen at CatholicVote.com)

From Msgr. Pope: A list of sins that are mortal or can commonly become mortal due to the harm caused.

First Commandment: I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange Gods before me. Polytheism and idolatry, divination, magic, sorcery and spiritism. Atheism, Agnosticism, Irreligion, sacrilege, simony. Apostacy, Heresy, schism, stubborn refusal to obey God, recourse to: Wicca, Pachamama, witchcraft, horoscopes, palm readers, tarot cards, mediums and psychics, Ouija boards, crystals, pendulums, Rieke, Charlie-charlie, seances, crystals and… just add the latest . See CCC 2110-2128; 2138-2140

Second Commandment: You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain. Blasphemy, curses, unfaithfulness to promises, false oaths, perjury. See CCC 2142-2149; 2160-2162

Third Commandment: Remember to keep holy the LORD’S day. Not attending Holy Mass on Sundays and Holy days of Obligation without a just motive (e.g. sickness); See Catechism 1389

Fourth Commandment: Honor your father and your mother. Serious Negligence, of the obligations/responsibilities towards one’s children, parents and siblings; hatred; ingratitude; disrespect; disobedience in matters concerning the material and spiritual well-being; negligence and indifference toward virtue and in faith of one’s children. Serious insubordination or lack of due respect to lawful authority. Undermining of authority by sedition or inciting public unrest. See Catechism 2114-2118;2221-2229

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On Servile Fear, Filial Fear and Meekness

Ann Barnhardt “hits the nail on the head” with her article, including a video clip, about these little understood but critically important concepts.

Recommended for all parents, everywhere, as well as all persons who are called upon to wield authority over others.

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“Death is to men what their fall was to the angels.”

St. Thomas teaches,

[A]s Damascene says (De Fide Orth. ii) “death is to men what their fall was to the angels.” Now after their fall the angels could not be restored [Cf. I:64:2]. Therefore, neither can man after death: and thus the punishment of the damned will have no end. … [So] just as the demons are obstinate in wickedness and therefore have to be punished for ever, so too are the souls of men who die without charity, since “death is to men what their fall was to the angels,” as Damascene says (Summa Theologica, Supplement, q 99, art 3).

Msgr. Charles Pope explains St. Thomas Aquinas’ 7 teachings about Hell.

BS: Idaho hospital says they will stop delivering babies due to an abortion ban.

This is the latest tactic of the pro-abortion movement. A cleverly worded piece, to be sure. Good riddance to them!


Mark 10:15  Amen I say to you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall not enter into it.

The Four Cardinal Virtues

Although some people still talk about the cardinal virtues, it is interesting how thoroughly the doctrine has been forgotten in the general culture.

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The Chinese Communist Party is following the Soviets’ 1970s and 80s-era model of repression of the churches by means of surveillance, co-option, regulation and indoctrination.

“This is intended to end Catholic and other Christian belief and teaching while maintaining their public forms in order to hide its repression and to better infiltrate the Church and its teachings.”

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