A modern pilgrim visits “Jonah’s Beach” in the Holy Land

I meditated on what Jonah must have felt and thought as he looked at this same place after being dead in the belly of a whale for 3 days and being brought back to life like our Lord–the “Sign of Jonah” Jesus mentions in the Gospel.

He had to have known so clearly there was no more running from God’s will and that he needed to begin his mission right away–and there was much work to do.

After being dead for 3 days and being spat up on this beach, Jonah would then need to walk 568 miles as the crow flies to ancient Ninevah, in modern Mosul, Iraq, and then convince the entire great city of Nineveh to repent.

His decision to take those first steps up that beach must have been very solemn–the first steps on a long journey and the first forward movement to conquering a daunting challenge he had just (unsuccessfully) run from.

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