One cannot help but come to the conclusion that Fr. Thomas Reese is not after a Eucharistic Revival. He is after a Eucharistic Revolt.

“A little learning is a dangerous thing.” This thesis is proved true in a recent article written by Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese. I mean this in no way to insult the intelligence of Fr. Reese—he is likely a far more learned scholar than I. However, what he tells people about the Eucharist seems to be selective of the Church’s teaching. That is to say, he seems to put forward a particular agenda highlighted by many since the Second Vatican Council while neglecting the rich history and complete theological understanding of Christ in the Eucharist.

Further, he proposes that for a true Eucharistic revival, we need to forget about the Real Presence and forget about worshipping Jesus. Reese, at best, dances on the border of heresy; he proposes some theology that actually would be harmful to the faithful and does not paint the entire picture of the Church’s understanding of the holy Eucharist.

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