The late Mother Angelica from EWTN writes about Heaven

What We’ll Know (and Not Know)
No one on earth knows what it’s like not to have fears. Everybody has them. In fact, today I think there’s more fear in our society than in any other time. We fear everything and everyone.

But in Heaven, that shackle will be torn away, and instead of experiencing fear and doubt — including all the doubts we’ve had about whether there’s a God, why there’s a God, why He does what He does — we shall see Him face-to-face.

We’ll also never be discouraged again, and never tired. That will be terrific — never to feel fatigue, never to feel mentally drained. There will never be a mystery we can’t understand. How are there three Persons in one God? And how did God make all of this? Those seemingly impossible questions will be answered. And we will never have to worry about our salvation again. We will know that we are in love with God and that God is in love with us and that everybody around us thinks we’re the greatest.

We’ll know why everything happened in our lives. Boy, are we going to be embarrassed! If it were possible to be sorry in the Kingdom, we would be awfully sorry for having griped so much, for having questioned God’s providence and mercy and will. We’ll know why all the pains and tragedies happened in our life. It will become so clear that we’ll look at God and say, “Thank You, Lord, for every time You said no to me.”

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