Supported by both the Rockefellers and the CIA, feminism, being directly connected to Marxism, is at root, Satanic. 

The governing principle of classical Satanism has always been the principle of inversion. The black magic belief is that power comes to the individual occultist through committing acts of inversion or rebellion that specifically defy the biblical God’s designs. Thus, if God says not to murder, murder becomes a potential ritual act that stores up demonic energy for the committed practitioner. The more serious the practitioner, the more serious the acts of defiance. I speak here, not of pop Satanists and alienated youths, but of real, elite practitioners. The long history of human pacts with devils, real witchcraft and ritual Satanism are all based around this fundamental principle of inversion. While generally coming under the guise of promising liberty, freedom and power, the devil’s con is always the same – man ends up tricked into being a dupe, is used, or damages his own psyche, or at worst, possessed.

But it was the rise of the “new age” woo-woo stuff and female goddess nonsense that turned “destroying men” into a whimsical and spiritual quest for ladies all over the world.

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