15 Archaeological Proofs of Old Testament Accuracy

12. In 2015, the royal bulla (or seal) of the biblical king Hezekiah (r. 715– 687/6 BC) was found in the most ancient part of Jerusalem. It was dated to between 727 and 698 BC. Hezekiah dug the famous tunnel bearing his name (2 Kings 20:20; 2 Chronicles 32:2–4,30; Isaiah 22:11). I was thrilled to be able to walk through it in 2014.

13. The prophet Isaiah lived from c. 740 to c. 681 BC. A bulla with his name on it was found in 2018 in Jerusalem, most excitedly within six and a half feet of the Hezekiah bulla. The two men are associated in the Bible 14 of 29 times that Isaiah’s name occurs.

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