Catholics should be be very upset with all the high level clerics who were so demented and/or theologically inept to have attempted to equate the pagan, Pachamama fertility goddess with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of God. 

In the West, the Pachamama has at the same time been popularised by the development of shamanism in personal development movements, and by a whole new-age literature that combines the cults of different pantheons — Amerindians or Greeks (Gaia).

In the world of feminine self-development she is to be found in works such as the best-selling personal development book of the 1990s, The Four Toltec Agreements. And in the world of ecological awareness, tinged with the mixture of both freedom and incoherence that post-modernism bestows, she has become an agency for “reinventing traditions” and a more intimate relationship with the local land and wider earth.

Those who brought Pachamama into the Vatican gardens in Rome to be reverenced under the cover of the affection that Catholics have for the Virgin Mary were either carelessly or deliberately trying to infuse Catholicism with a shamanistic and ecologically politicised alternative religious movement with a very different religious and spiritual character. One that is in fact entirely at odds with Catholic belief and practice.

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Editor’s note: The most incredible aspect of this great scandal is this demented group of clerics attempting to pull off something like this, at all! And the Pope appears to be 100% on board, with it.

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