Author claims little known veil illustrates Christ’s resurrection

In this interview with ZENIT, Badde explained some of the conclusions of his research on this veil, and why he thinks it is bound to change the world. ZENIT: Some have referred to the Veil of Manoppello as belonging to Veronica, and having the image of Jesus’ face from before the Crucifixion. Your investigation, however, […]

Shroud of Turin and Holy Face of Veronica’s veil: at the origins of Christian iconography

ZENIT: The cover of your book shows a superimposition between the face of the Shroud and the Holy Face. What does this mean? Gaeta: It is the discovery made by Trappist Blandine Schlomer, who found numerous “points of congruence” between the face of the Shroud and that of Manoppello, after pointing out some precise criteria […]

Is this the Holy Face of Jesus Christ?

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