The national collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is coming up this weekend, and though the CCHD has taken steps to clean up its act, organizations promoting abortion, birth control and homosexuality continue to receive CCHD funds.

ROBBING PETER TO PAY SAUL ALINSKY Editor’s note: Remember to “PASS” on the annual CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) 2nd collection coming up this Sunday – unless you like empowering leftist community organizer types, who regularly promote a myriad of anti-Catholic social programs, using Catholic donations. There’s plenty of better charitable causes to support. […]

Chicago experience shows that closely watching groups which take CCHD money gets good results

When a statewide immigrant-rights coalition endorsed same-sex marriage this past spring, 11 groups were given a stark choice by a Roman Catholic anti-poverty program: Leave the coalition, or lose their Catholic funding. Eight of the groups decided to stick with the Illinois Coalition for Immigration and Refugee Rights. Another group broke with both. All told, […]

Why hasn’t Cardinal Dolan fired CCHD Director Ralph McCloud for his scandalous role in the Wendy Davis/Texas abortion bill affair?

One must ask how it is possible that McCloud deserves any position in the USCCB, least of all a position as director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development where he is supposed to be a leader in social justice. The  mission statement of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is this: “The Catholic Campaign for Human […]

Head of CCHD was the campaign treasurer for the woman who filibustered the Texas legislature to stop anti-abortion legislation

While the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has come under well deserved scrutiny for supporting groups such as ACORN and groups with ties to promoting abortion, CMR has uncovered that Ralph McCloud, while heading the CCHD in 2008, was simultaneously working as a highly placed campaign official for a pro-choice politician seeking to unseat […]

Reform CCHD and ALL say things are as scandalous as ever. The USCCB (Catholic bishops) say no!

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 2, 2013 ( – In an internal memo sent to diocesan Catholic Campaign for Human Development directors, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has claimed that the “near totality” of a critical report about its grantees is “based on false suppositions” and “tenuous connections.” At the same time, the U.S. Bishops […]

California’s Prop 30, anti-Catholic organizations, and more CCHD scandal

Catholics who are conservative, either politically or theologically, have been crit­ical of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) for at least 15 years. The criticism, in print and online, though pointed and persistent, has been largely unproductive. Part of the reason for this failure is the limitation of the criticism to doc­trinal matters, principally […]

74 reasons to keep your money, instead of dropping it in the Thanksgiving CCHD collection basket.

CCHD 2011-2012 Grants Report What follows is a listing of all 74 grantees found to be in violation of CCHD guidelines and Catholic moral teaching.  Each grantee is listed by diocese (in alphabetical order), along with codes to indicate the ways in which the grantees are in violation.  Each letter code following (DA) indicates ways in which […]

Reform CCHD Now Coalition: “We cannot advance the Gospel of Life, bringing souls to God if we continue to fund the enemies of Christ.”

In the summer, RCN released a comprehensive report profiling 74 current CCHD grantees who have advocated activities contrary to Catholic teaching. They say 38% of CCHD’s grant funds went to organizations that support abortion, contraception, homosexuality, or Marxism either directly or through memberships in coalitions. Find Reform CCHD Now’s full report on CCHD’s problematic grantees. […]

CCHD anti-Catholic organization funding: Local bishops are the problem.

“Frankly,” said bishops Soto and Blaire, “in these areas we rely on the judgment of the local bishop and diocese, not the repeated accusations of those with clear ideological and ecclesial agendas.” Read more Editor’s note: Many of the most prominent urban Catholic dioceses have long since given up the fight and caved in to […]

$4 Million in CCHD (Catholic) money going to subsidize Marxist perversions.

Liberationism is a serious distortion of not only Catholic social teaching but of its doctrinal teachings, as well.  Before his election to the papacy, Benedict XVI prepared a Vatican response to the errors being spread by this theological movement, calling it “a perversion of the Christian message as God entrusted it to His Church.” [v] […]

Ongoing church scandal: 24% of organizations funded by USCCB’s CCHD program still involved in anti-Catholic work.

The report documents that, of the 218 organizations funded by CCHD, 14 are directly involved in activities contrary to Church teaching and 40 are actively involved in coalitions with such activities. Thus, 54 groups (24%) funded by CCHD are involved in anti-Catholic work. The number, and percentage, of offending organizations has actually INCREASED in the […]

CCHD Continues to Fund Alinsky Organizing with Donations from Patsies in the Pew

I could go on and on about the grantees on the latest list. It is the same old same old — promoting liberal positions on “comprehensive immigration reform” and funding groups that lobby for democrats. Go on and check it out for yourself. Pick a random group on the list and do some searching on-line. […]

New Scandal Brewing: CCHD Director was treasurer of campaign for noted pro-abortion politician.

While the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has come under well deserved scrutiny for supporting groups such as ACORN and groups with ties to promoting abortion, CMR has uncovered that Ralph McCloud, while heading the CCHD in 2008, was simultaneously working as a highly placed campaign official for a pro-choice politician seeking to unseat […]

Only 10 Bishops said NO to CCHD … but it’s a start!

U.S. bishops NOT contributing to CCHD’s national collection: 1. Bishop Joseph Adamec (Altoona-Johnstown, PA) 2. Bishop John Barres (Allentown, PA) 3. Bishop Lawrence Brandt (Greensburg, PA) 4. Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz (Lincoln, NE) 5. Bishop Victor Galeone (St. Augustine, FL) 6. Bishop James Johnston (Springfield, MO) 7. Bishop Salvatore R. Matano (Burlington, VT) 8. Bishop Joseph […]

Tom Roeser Reports On Chicago CCHD Shenanigans, Archdiocesan Politics

… A terrible thing is happening: community groups are being asked….downright asked, mind you…whether they support abortion or non-traditional marriage.    Because if they don’t  they won’t get any Catholic money.  Terrible.  Well in this archdiocese where the tiller slips to-and-fro, it turns out that (Father) Just Call Me Larry Dowling’s auxiliary bishop is a liberal, […]

The Catholic Church is giving money to organizations created by a man who dedicated a book to Lucifer? No Way! Yes, way! CCHD.

Don’t believe it? Click here to watch the video! Submitted by Jo J.

Response To Next Sunday’s CCHD Collection Should Be: “No, Thank You—Clean Up Your Act First.”

Next Sunday at all the masses, they’ll be passing the basket for the Chicago Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)… notwithstanding that the archdiocese has peremptorily fired the courageous executive who changed the direction of grants from support of the Left to bona fide non-political anti-poverty groups.   Moreover a group that acts as a conduit […]

Sign the Petition: Reform CCHD Now!

Problems At Chicago CCHD Reflect Problems Nationwide

U.S. Bishops’ Anti-Poverty Arm (CCHD) Awarded $45,000 Grant to Pro-Abort Group Despite Warnings

RCN found that SWOP is implementing a school program called Elev8 at Marquette Elementary School.  This program includes the provision of health services to the children through a school clinic; but the clinic also provides sex education, distributes condoms and oral contraceptives, and refers for abortion.  To run the clinic, SWOP chose an organization called […]

Archdiocese of Chicago Retracts CCHD Grants to Pro-Life Groups

Chicago’s Pro-Life Action League was “stiffed”. This is merely Chicago  politics as usual! The pro abort liberals are still firmly in charge, flexing the muscles of  the “Machine” that recently managed to reelect Governor Quinn and others … The Reform CCHD Coalition Now received confirmation on Monday that Chicago’s CCHD had retracted grants previously promised to […]