Our Lady of Guadalupe: Led directly to the largest mass conversion in the history of the world!

Read the miraculous, true story of Our Lady of Guadalupe Submitted by Bob Stanley

Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in Des Plaines, Illinois is expecting up to 100,000 celebrants over the next two days

CHICAGO, IL (December 6, 2013) – This overnight celebration honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, will begin with an opening Mass on Wednesday, December 11, at 4 p.m., at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1100 North River Road in Des Plaines.  The Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Marco A. Mercado, […]

Our Lady of Guadalupe Image: How has the 481-year-old Tilma survived so many years without decay?

“All the cloths similar to the Tilma that have been placed in the salty and humid environment around the Basilica,” Dr. Orozco explained,“have lasted no more than ten years.”  A painting of the image on cloth which had been protected behind glass was discarded after only eight years, because the colors had faded and the threads had […]

The woman who said the Our Lady of Guadalupe image was “a nice picture” and then asked, “Who painted it?” comes out for homosexual marriage.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday publicly endorsed gay marriage in a new video released by the gay rights advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign. Clinton, who resigned Feb. 1 after four years of service, says in the video that she was eager to share her views on gay rights and gay […]

A huge group of Catholic pilgrims – numbering in the tens of thousands – gathers today at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, NW of Chicago.

December 12, 2012 Father Marco Mercado is director of the Archdiocesan Office of Hispanic Catholics. “We expect a lot of prayers, a lot of devotions, a lot of families,” he said. “A very nice family environment, a very prayerful one.” As many as a 100,000 faithful could gather today. Link More

Our Lady of Guadalupe: a revelation wrapped in a mystery inside a miracle.

…the Lady who brought faith to Mexico was a revelation wrapped in a mystery inside a miracle. But more commonly, She is known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Article by Tom O’Toole More

Interesting site on Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Tilma

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Six million turn out for Mexico City celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe

St. Juan Diego and the Tilma View the slide show

Five centuries ago, St. Juan Diego was the first believer to meet the Virgin Mary under the title and appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Today, millions continue to encounter and embrace her motherly presence, especially on her feast day of Dec. 12. The story of the Virgin Mary’s appearance in Mexico is well-known to many devotees. On Dec. 9, 1531, Juan Diego –a recently-baptized indigenous Mexican convert to Catholicism– was hurrying to Mass, to Celebrate the Feast of the […]


Wooden carving-1326 A.D.-Spain/Tilma- 1531 A.D.-Mexico [adapted from Michael H. Brown’s  The Last  Secret] In the hilly terrain southwest of Madrid, near that river  called Guadalupe, a humble cowherd named Gil Cordero of Cáceres was searching for a lost cow when something very strange happened. It was 1326. He’d been  searching three days. Thirsty and fatigued, […]

Fascinating Presentation on Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Tilma

Download the free, ready to run, MSPowerPoint presentation Or Download the PDF version here The Symbolism in the Image (PDF File) General Information More links Submitted by Bob Stanley

Our Lady of Guadalupe ‘completely beyond’ scientific explanation, says researcher

Phoenix, Ariz., Aug 7, 2009 / 04:10 pm (CNA).- Researcher and physicist Dr. Aldofo Orozco told participants at the International Marian Congress on Our Lady of Guadalupe that there is no scientific explanation for the 478 years of high quality-preservation of the Tilma or for the miracles that have occurred to ensure its preservation. Dr. […]

Mexicans turn to Our Lady of Guadalupe in face of swine flu epidemic

Mexico City, Mexico, Apr 28, 2009 / (CNA) — The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, is encouraging the faithful to pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe for an end to the swine flu epidemic that has taken the lives of more than 100 people in the country. The cardinal also called for […]

Hillary Clinton leaves flowers for Our Lady of Guadalupe, asks ‘Who painted it?’

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was miraculously imprinted by Mary on the tilma, or cloak, of St. Juan Diego in 1531. The image has numerous unexplainable phenomena, such as the appearance on Mary’s eyes of those present in the room when the tilma was opened and the image’s lack of decay. Mrs. Clinton […]

Guadalupe “Sister” Site in Spain

Our Lady of Guadalupe (adapted from Seven Days with Mary) Not far from Genazzano, in Rome itself, on Esquiline Hill, had been the miracle of Our Lady of the Snow, on August 5, where, back in the fourth century, Mary requested a church and indicated where she wanted it by causing snow to fall on […]

Something the Russians attacking Mariupol, as well as its Ukrainian defenders ought to remember: Mariupol – originally Marianopol – was named for the Blessed Virgin Mary

Please note the unconventional footwear According to the the book The Marian Option: God’s Solution to a Civilization in Crisis Mary is everywhere: Marigolds are named for her. Hail Mary passes save football games. The image in Mexico of Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the most reproduced female likenesses ever. Mary draws millions each […]

The apple (Chelsea Clinton) doesn’t fall far from the tree (Hillary)

VATICAN CONFERENCE HEADLINER CHELSEA CLINTON CLAIMS “IF JESUS WERE ALIVE TODAY HE WOULD BE A MEMBER OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD” Chelsea evidently has big problems with reading comprehension, leading her to Tweet (while attending a Vatican sponsored conference, no less) the utter blasphemy that Jesus would support abortion. Not too long ago, Chelsea’s mother, Hillary, demonstrated […]

Articles on Prophecies, Revelations, and Apparitions from Our Lady of the Rosary Library

Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich  Our Lady of Guadalupe  – Relates the wonderful story of the apparition in which Our Lady established herself as Patroness of the Americas  Our Lady of Good Success  – Prophetic revelations made to Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres in Quito, Ecuador, in the 17th century. These revelations are specifically […]

“When they (Hispanic Catholics) come to Canada or the U.S., they help to restore or save a Christian culture … they must bring and keep their religious identity, and enrich us with their faith.”

Vatican City, Dec 12, 2012 / 04:09 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The message of Our Lady of Guadalupe promotes a culture of life and is at the center of the New Evangelization of the Americas, said Cardinal Marc Ouellet at a conference in Rome. Read more Editor’s note: It appears that Jesus sent his mother to […]

Cesar Chavez was a unique and truly Catholic labor leader

Chávez’s selection of symbols reflected his awareness that while speaking for a largely Mexican Catholic constituency, was also trying to speak to a broader American public.  His “Plan of Delano” reflects a proper ordering of these symbolic allegiances: We seek, and have, the support of the Church in what we do.  At the head of […]