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One day in early 1991, Father Dwyer told me that he was tired of hearing about “Mary’s other children” and he asked me if I would write a paper explaining just who the real parents of “the brethren” were.

He said that I would find the true parents in the Bible by comparing verses.
Why he asked me to do this, I will never know. I had not written anything that he had ever seen before.

So I blew the dust off of my like-new Bible (that ought to tell you something) and found the verses and wrote my first paper:

The Genealogy of the Brethren

I showed it to him. He liked it. Then it was passed around the parish and I received positive feedback from so many.

That gave me the courage to write on other subjects. For the next few years I wrote new pages and I was always behind, having at least five or six different subjects in mind to do.

I was constantly questioning myself, and wondering why I was doing this. After all, the subjects for which I was writing had already been written about many times over by others for the last almost 2000 years.

However, I felt compelled to continue writing.

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