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I am a Catholic by choice, and a faith educator. I am not a priest or deacon. I specialize in demonstrating the harmony that exists between the Bible, Sacred and Apostolic Tradition, and the constant practices, beliefs, and teachings of the universal church.

I am the director of the informational website: www.askmeaboutgod.org.

Ask any question about God, receive a complete, accurate, personalized, and absolutely free answer via email in about one day.

I am also the lead catechist for FAITH 24/7 a very convenient, easily accessible, and absolutely free faith education system that is geared to the needs of today’s busy families and adults.

Study what you want, where and when you want, with the personal assistance of a trained, professional catechist. No cost. No obligation.

Email to request a copy of our new Faith Resource CD, which includes the Bible, a Bible art gallery, the Catechism, Christian music and art, free software, 2 E-Books, faith links, and much more.

What I mean when I say “I’m A Catholic, By Choice”

Some time ago, I was able to take a five year sabbatical from my work, in order to make a comprehensive personal study of all world religions.

I started with a “clean sheet” of paper.

No preferences. No biases. No loyalties to any particular group or tradition.

When I was through, I had concluded, based on all the available facts, that the Judeo-Christian faith tradition was authentic, that Christianity was the logical fulfillment of traditional Judaism, and that the Catholic Church was the only Christian organization that not only claimed to be divinely constituted, but was actually able to prove it, using scripture, tradition, and actual history, along with a huge body of consistent, scholarly, systematic written theology and philosophy, that spanned some twenty centuries.

I provide links to all the collective resources on my websites, for anyone who cares to make their own personal study.

I’ve found this approach to be much superior to following the teachings of any particular prophet or holy man, and I’ve never believed that anyone’s personal spiritual insights were likely to be any more accurate or correct than that of the only Church that Jesus ever personally founded, authorized, constituted, empowered, and eternally guaranteed, for the purpose of our salvation … the Catholic Church.

Similarly, the human corruption that has always existed within the Church since Judas, has never been able to overcome the holiness of the Church, which is due solely to Christ.

Faith enlightened by reason is hard to beat.


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  2. How to contact you via email? Could you tell me more about Faith 24/7? Is it Online? Is your CD available in UAE or India?

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