This is what happens when Popes and Bishops “give cover” to cheap, “tin-horn”, mostly Democrat Pro Abortion politicians

Congress of the United States
Washington, DC 20515

Statement of Principles
June 18, 2021

As Catholic Democrats in Congress, we are proud to be part of the living Catholic tradition – a tradition that unfailingly promotes the common good, expresses a consistent moral framework for life, and highlights the need to provide a collective safety net to those individuals in society who are the most vulnerable. As legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives, we work every day to advance respect for life and the dignity of every human being. We believe that government has moral purpose.

We are committed to making real the basic principles that are at the heart of Catholic social teaching: helping the poor, disadvantaged, and the oppressed, protecting the least among us and ensuring that all Americans of every faith are given meaningful opportunities to share in the blessings of this great country. That commitment is fulfilled in different ways by legislators but includes: reducing the rising rates of poverty, particularly child poverty; increasing access to education for all; pressing for access to universal health care; recognizing the dignity of all humans; and repairing long-standing racial and gender inequities in our society. Each of these issues challenges our obligations as Catholics to community and helping those in need.

We envision a world in which every child belongs to a loving family and agree with the Catholic Church about the value of human life. Each of us is committed to reducing the number of unintended pregnancies and creating an environment with policies that encourage pregnancies to be carried to term and provide resources to raise healthy and secure children. We believe this includes promoting alternatives to abortion, such as adoption, improving access to children’s healthcare and child care, and creating a child benefit through the expanded and improved Child Tax Credit.

In all these issues, we seek the Church’s guidance and assistance but believe also in the primacy of conscience. In recognizing the Church’s role in providing moral leadership, we acknowledge and accept the tension that comes with being in disagreement with the Church in some areas. We recognize that no political party is perfectly in accord with all aspects of Church doctrine. This fact speaks to the secular nature of American democracy, not the devotion of our democratically elected leaders. Yet we believe we can speak to the fundamental issues that unite us as Catholics and lend our voices to changing the political debate – a debate that often fails to reflect and encompass the depth and complexity of these issues.

We also urge the Church to heed the words of Our Holy Father
Pope Francis, who wrote in his Apostolic Exhortation, “The Joy of the Gospel,” that the Eucharist although it is the fullness of sacramental life, is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.” Further, the Holy Father extolls that clergy must act as facilitators of grace, not arbiters, because “the Church is not a tollhouse; it is the house of the Father, where there is a place for everyone, with all their problems.” As legislators, we too are charged with being facilitators of the Constitution which guarantees religious freedom for all Americans. In doing so, we guarantee our right to live our own lives as Catholics but also foster an America with a rich diversity of faiths.

We believe the separation of church and state allows for our faith to inform our public duties and best serve our constituents. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is central to the life of practicing Catholics, and the weaponization of the Eucharist to Democratic lawmakers for their support of a woman’s safe and legal access to abortion is contradictory. No elected officials have been threatened with being denied the Eucharist as they support and have supported policies contrary to the Church teachings, including supporting the death penalty, separating migrant children from their parents, denying asylum to those seeking safety in the United States, limiting assistance for the hungry and food insecure, and denying rights and dignity to immigrants.

We solemnly urge you to not move forward and deny this most holy of all sacraments, the source and the summit of the whole work of the gospel over one issue. We remind you that the Second Vatican Council renewed emphasis on the Eucharist as the central focus, especially in the Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy: “For the liturgy, ‘through which the work of our redemption is accomplished,’ most of all in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist, is the outstanding means whereby the faithful may express in their lives, and manifest to others, the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church.” To pursue a blanket denial of the Holy Eucharist to certain elected officials would indeed grieve the Holy Spirit and deny the evolution of that individual, a Christian person who is never perfect, but living in the struggle to get there.

As Catholic Democrats who embrace the vocation and mission of the laity as expressed by the late Pope John Paul II in his Apostolic Exhortation, Christifideles Laici, we believe that the Church is the “people of God,” called to be a moral force in the broadest sense. We believe the Church as a community is called to be in the vanguard of creating a more just America and world. And as such, we have a claim on the Church’s bearing as it does on ours.

Rosa DeLauro

Sylvia Garcia

Brendan Boyle

Norma Torres

Veronica Escobar

Grace F. Napolitano

Gerry Connolly

Marie Newman

Jackie Speier

Henry Cuellar

Linda Sánchez

Mike Thompson

Cindy Axne

Cheri Bustos

Nanette Barragan

Anna Eshoo

Jimmy Panetta

John B. Larson

Joe Courtney

Mike Doyle

Thomas R. Suozzi

James R. Langevin

Pete Aguilar

James P. McGovern

Ruben Gallego

Greg Stanton

Jim Costa

Jesús “Chuy” García

Frank Mrvan

Stephen Lynch

Anthony Brown

Debbie Dingell

Mikie Sherrill

Frank Pallone

Teresa Leger Fernández

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Joe Morelle

Nydia M. Velázquez

Madeleine Dean

Mary Gay Scanlon

Matt Cartwright

Lou Correa

Juan Vargas

Kathleen Rice

Betty McCollum

Bill Pascrell, Jr.

Lucille Roybal-Allard

Paul Tonko

Lori Trahan

Joaquin Castro

Filemon Vela

Ted Lieu

Jimmy Gomez

Peter Welch

Raúl M. Grijalva

Adriano Espaillat

Mark DeSaulnier

Susie Lee

Albio Sires

View the original (PDF format document):

Editor’s note: If the (mostly spineless) Bishops were actually Catholic and truly pro-life, they would have long ago, excommunicated the whole lot of ’em, along with President Biden! This document, along with the “handy” list of signers makes things even simpler. What more do they need?

Contrary to what today’s Catechism might incorrectly infer, someone who rejects the Trinitarian God of Christians does not pray to that God, but to another of their own making

A brief look at some of the Church Fathers will further illustrate the traditional Catholic view:

St Augustine: “This heresy affirms that all heretics are on the right path
and that all teach the truth. This is so monstrous an absurdity
that it seems to me to be incredible.”

Pope Pius VII: “By the fact that the indiscriminate freedom
of all forms of worship is proclaimed, truth is confused with error,
and the Holy and Immaculate Spouse of Christ (The Church)
is placed on the same level as heretical sects…” – Post Tam Diuturnas

Pope Gregory XVI: “…. those who pretend that the way
to [eternal] beatitude starts with any religion at all
should be afraid and should seriously think over the fact
that, according to the testimony of the Savior Himself,
they are against Christ, because they are not for Christ,
and that they are miserably scattering
because they are not gathering with Him…” – Mirari Vos

Read more at Ecclestiastical Freemasonry

Editor’s note: Taking into account all of the above: God is sovereign and all powerful, so by the timely application of the grace obtained by Jesus Christ on the cross, at Calvary, he can choose to “save” anyone, for any reason, or for no reason at all. But, Jesus personally founded, authorized, empowered and perpetually guaranteed the Holy Catholic Church for the purpose of our salvation, so any exceptions to the norm would likely be very, very rare, nothing less than miraculous and certainly NOT routine.

Brave, well informed, well spoken woman “pushes back” against “woke” local School Board, BLM and Critical Race Theory

Tatyana Ibrahim delivers. School board feigns violence, tries to shut her down.

Watch the video (and don’t miss the viewer comments)

If you listen carefully to what people claim are the powerful truths they live by, you’ll recognize that Christianity is the only worldview that can justify all of them

Read more at The Stream

New Catholic Study serves as a “basic primer” on Christianity for Christians and non-Christians, alike

The primeval events
that resulted in the Fall of Man

The totally gratuitous
saving works of God

Why we venerate
the Blessed Virgin Mary

The mystery
of our redemption

The spiritually vital mission
of the Holy Church

Our personal identity
in Jesus Christ

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Mundabor explains: The Church has already given us all the answers we need

I realise I will never be among the cool guys. But in my simple mindedness, I do think that the Church has already given us all the answers we need, and has given us beautiful Mysteries for the ones we don’t.

My job in this life is not to wrestle, but to serve; and not to question, but to obey.

All the rest, my friends, is of the devil, and the devil will do irreparable damage if we allow him to. The devil will, as I see written around with great waste of pixels, leverage one’s ego and try to slowly turn a soul, which at this point fancies itself so good and deep, against God.

Read more

Editor’s note: Jacob/Israel’s situation (as pictured) was practically and prophetically, quite different.

The seven main impediments to accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Resisting the Diabolical Quantum Leap; or, Keeping Your Head Screwed-On Straight (in these strange times)

Put bluntly: a really bad man is going to soon make his public entrance onto the world platform. He will exert enormous influence, presenting himself as a savior of sorts in the midst of great worldwide trials. The price of accepting his “solution” will be some form of apostasy. At the end of the day, whether we call this fellow “an” antichrist or “the” Antichrist is little more than semantics. We must resist him, either way.

[He will use the “voltage” of his electrifying influence
over the world and the “vacuum” of today’s
Dictatorship of Relativism, where both Faith and Reason
are despised, to seek to cause a “Quantum Leap”
of mankind’s thinking into his own
Diabolical domain; a realm duly adorned
with sparkling sheep’s clothing.
Tragically, he will likely succeed
in the minds of most.] 

Furthermore, these Truths I here present are perhaps even more important now than in the time the Antichrist himself makes his public entrance. For I do think that the faithful remnant will likely be protected in refuges during his actual reign, and much miraculous protection — both physical and spiritual — will be afforded to the remnant during that time. On the other hand, the days we must now endure do indeed see the snares of the Antichrist being disseminated throughout both the Church and the world (and I do not doubt that many of these recent snares are indeed from the man of sin himself), and we must resist them with the more or less “ordinary” graces at our disposal in these days of pre-Illumination of Conscience trials.

Nevertheless, apart from considerations of individual Antichrists/ the Antichrist himself, we above all know, from Scripture (cf. 1 John 4:3), that the Spirit of Antichrist pervades the world. This unholy spirit certainly operates in proportion to the degree of sin in the world; therefore, eschatological speculations and individual prophecies aside, we know that the Spirit of Antichrist is today more operative than ever beforewith due regard to the fact that the world is more steeped in sin than at any point in the past.

Read the entire article by Daniel O’Connor

Archbishop Vigano: The lack of “common sense” in individuals has in large part made possible this assault against God, against the Church, and against the human race that is represented by the Great Reset and the ideology it expresses

Irrationality, the abdication of reason, the annihilation of critical judgment and the denial of evidence are the true pandemic virus of our time, which in rebellion against God manifests a delirium of omnipotence and in collective madness reveals the just nemesis of this wicked challenge.

Read more at Catholic Family News 

Military ceremonials and the Ceremonials of the Church are intertwined

… what the ceremonies surrounding the Tomb are is the highest form of ART. It is living ART, not consisting of a mere two-dimensional representation, not consisting of inanimate objects, but ART consisting of human beings in action. The uniforms, the gait, the precise rubrics, words, gestures and movements – these all combine into a perpetual work of art that not only moves and inspires the people who witness it, but also accomplishes the goal of making tangible a RESPECT for and a REMEMBRANCE of all of the fallen unknown soldiers. The Tomb Guards walk their patrol whether anyone is there to see them do it or not. It isn’t a show. It is a service. It is a rite.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is exactly what I just described, except that the Mass is the most perfect artistic action in the universe because the Mass is the artistic creation of God Himself. The Mass is SUPERNATURAL ART. The Holy Spirit taught the Church the Mass. The Mass is art that is so perfect that it actually causes something SUPERNATURAL to happen – it causes Heaven and Earth to touch, it causes time to be bent such that the moment of “now” touches and intersects with the moment of Calvary 1984 years ago, and it causes bread and wine to be transubstantiated into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, made PHYSICALLY SUBSTANTIALLY PRESENT. Man calls down God, and God, in His infinite love, responds and fully submits in complete love, making Himself present on the Altar both at the moment of His death, and in His resurrection, so that He may go into us not only spiritually but also physically as Food.

More from Ann Barnhardt

Illustrated Catholic Study aims to present the immutable truths of the Christian faith, unencumbered by denominational concerns or political differences

The primeval events
that resulted in the Fall of Man

The totally gratuitous
saving works of God

Why we venerate
the Blessed Virgin Mary

The mystery
of our redemption

The spiritually vital mission
of the Holy Church

Our personal identity
in Jesus Christ

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Christianity’s 2,000 Year Timeline


Undisputed dates are in bold type. Christian events have been inserted, some tentatively, within this framework.

Year ADEvent 
 The Resurrection. 
 The leaders of the Jews persecute the first Christians. 
 Saul/Paul is converted. 
 Matthew composes his Hebrew gospel/ liturgy in Palestine. 
 Matthew’s gospel issued in Greek. 
 King Herod Agrippa executes the Apostle James the Great. 
 Peter escapes and flees to Rome. 
37-4141The other apostles spread out from Palestine.Theophilus is high priest of the JewsLuke writes his gospel for the GentilesLuke writes his ACTS 
44Kng Herod Agrippa dies. 
49Jews and Christians expelled from Rome following riots. 
 First of Paul’s epistles; some influenced by Matthew’s gospel. 
 Paul imprisoned by Romans. 
 A copy of Matthew’s Gospel taken to India. 
54Nero becomes emperor 
 The Apostle James the Less, bishop of Jerusalem, killed by stoning. 
The Christians are expelled from the Temple. 
 Paul asks Timothy to join him on a mission to Spain. 
 Paul released from prison. 
 Peter ordains Linus, Cletus and Clement as assistant bishops. 
 61Caesare Philipi renamed Neronius 
 John writes twenty chapters of his Gospel 
64 JulyRome devastated by fire. 
64 Oct 13thSt. Peter’s martyrdom (See this site: B 104). 
 65 SpringNero enlarges his persecution of Christians. 
 Linus replaces Peter as bishop of Rome. 
66Jewish rebellion in Palestine. 
 Paul goes to Spain. 
68 earlyJerusalem surrounded for first time by Romans. 
68 JuneSuicide of Emperor Nero followed by civil strife. This leads to the Roman troops, surrounding Jerusalem, being withdrawn. 
 Mark distributes larger second edition of Peter’s talks. 
 Paul returns from Spain and visits Asia and Crete. 
 Paul writes an epistle to the Hebrew Christians in Jerusalem. 
 The Hebrew Christians flee from Jerusalem to Pella. 
 Paul again imprisoned in Rome and then martyred. 
 69 Galba dies trying to become emperor. 
 69Vitellius dies trying to become emperor. 
 69Otho dies trying to be come emperor. 
 69Vespasian becomes emperor 
 69Vespasian renews war in Palestine 
 69 Romans surround Jerusalem for second time. 
 Clement of Rome replies to Corinthians on behalf of Linus. 
 70 AugJerusalem captured. 
 70The Temple is destroyed 
 81 AboutLinus dies. 
 Cletus replaces him as bishop of Rome 
 Hypothetical Council of Jamnia (about 85-100). 
91Domitian starts persecution 
92 AboutCletus dies 
 Clement becomes bishop of Rome. 
 Clement, exiled by Romans to the Crimea. 
96 AboutJohn the Apostle adds final chapter to his Gospel. 
 John the Apostle dies. 
98Trojan becomes emperor. 
 Clement dies and Evaristus replaces him as bishop of Rome. (about 101). 
 Papias (about 130) records that Mark wrote down Peter’s words.Justin Martyr reports (161 – 165) that Apostles wrote Gospels. 
 Prologues use Matthew-John-Luke-Mark sequence and report Peter’sapproval of Mark’s Gospel. 
 Ireneaus (about 180) familiar with the Matthew-Luke-Mark sequence. 
 Clement of Alexandria states (about 200) that the Gospels of Matthew and Luke were the first to be written. 
 Tertullian (about 212) uses Luke prior to Mark three times. 
 Origen (about 250) uses Matthew-Mark-Luke tradition. 
312-323Eusebius writes his ‘Ecclesiastical History’. 
 Augustine (about 380) says Matthew-Mark-Luke order is as ‘received’. 
 Jerome (about 383) chooses Matthew-Mark-Luke-John sequence for his Latin New Testament (The Vulgate). 
 Augustine (about 420) writes that Mark used Matthew and Luke. 
 Ambrosiaster (about 480) refers to Matthew-Luke-Mark-John sequence. 
1546Council of Trent confirms which books are Sacred. 
18th C.The skill of literary analysis (internal evidence) develops. 
18th C.Henry Owen proposes Matthew-Luke-Mark sequence. 
19th C.Against Christian opposition, Bismarck enforces Markan Priority in 
 German universities, so it triumphs in that country. 
18701893190219031912First Vatican Council endorses decree of Council of Trent.Rome insists witness of historians, not on internal evidence.Pontifical Biblical Commission (PBC) established.Rome launches an anti-Modernist Crusade.PBC bans the teaching of Markan Priority in Catholic establishments. 
20th C.Markan Priority spreads in Protestant countries. 
1943Rome in ‘Divino Afflante Spiritu’ permits some use of internal evidence. 
19652nd Vatican Council (Dei Verbum) maintains the historicity of the Gospels, bugospels, but allows greater freedom of research and opinion.  
1965-2011Markan Priority theory spreads quickly within the Catholic Community. Greatly influences Catechetic teachings. 
30 Sept.2010Apostolic Constitution, ‘Verbum Domini’, reads: “As Dei Verbum reminds us, Jesus Christ commanded the Apostles to preach the Gospel…This was … carried out by those Apostles and others associated with them who committed the message of salvation in writing”.

Courtesy of Church In History Website

What do Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereal and Phallus-preserving Vaginoplasty have in common?

Rod Dreher explains, in this timely, wide ranging article.

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The “bottom line” regarding the Ascension of Jesus Christ

Much has been taught and written about the Ascension of Jesus Christ,
but there’s one thing that makes it especially significant:

As the sin prone, all too human descendants of Adam and Eve,
we remain susceptible to backsliding, falling away
and possibly, even ending up in Hell.

On the other hand, Jesus’ perfect humanity and his awesome divinity
was never compromised by sin,
making possible his total defeat of Satan, sin and death,
on our behalf.

Then, Jesus, the triumphant and impeccable, “New Adam”,
took his resurrected and glorified human body
back to Heaven,
where he was enthroned at the right hand of God the Father,
making all that he accomplished for us
both permanent and eternal,
with absolutely NO possibility
by any means.

A pure and perfect man now reigns in Heaven.
Not merely a divine advocate, but a divine man, indeed!

That same divine man loves us with an inestimable love
and desires only the best for us,
having already shed the very last drop of his precious blood,
for the purpose of our salvation.

That should give us all something which to faithfully aspire
and it’s just one of many wonderful things
that make Jesus Christ
the sure and certain, blessed hope of eternal salvation,
for every Christian, of every generation.

New report on the current status of Father John Corapi

Journalist Matt C. Abbott reports:

Previously in this column, I’ve featured the work of Catholic author, radio host and evangelist Jesse Romero (see here and here).

Romero, who has an excellent reputation in Catholic circles, graciously provided me with the following update on Father John Corapi (lightly edited by me):

I was told by the superior general of his order (SOLT), Father Peter Marsalek, back in 2016 as we were driving from the airport to speak at a Catholic parish, that Father Corapi had reconciled with his order.

He’s living the life of a monk in a monastery and has medical problems.

He will never speak in public again—by his choice and his superior’s choice as well.

Link to full story

The apple (Chelsea Clinton) doesn’t fall far from the tree (Hillary)


Chelsea evidently has big problems with reading comprehension, leading her to Tweet (while attending a Vatican sponsored conference, no less) the utter blasphemy that Jesus would support abortion.

Not too long ago, Chelsea’s mother, Hillary, demonstrated a similar high level of ignorance while on an official, U.S. Secretary of State visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico City.

Seeing the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mrs. Clinton asked the Basilica’s rector, Msgr. Monroy, “Who painted it?”

That was shortly after Hillary traveled to Greece, to lecture the citizens there, about Democracy.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Thanks to Canon 212 and A Priest Life Blog for the tip.

Chronological Bible Timeline


2,167 Birth of Abraham.
2,091 Calling of Abraham.
2,066 Isaac is born.
2,006 Jacob is born.
1,991 Death of Abraham.
1,915 Birth of Joseph.
1,886 Death of Isaac.
1,876 Jacob moves to Egypt.
1,859 Death of Jacob.
1,805 Death of Joseph.
1,800 Israel is in Egypt.
1,526 Birth of Moses.
1,486 Flight of Moses into the wilderness.
1,446 Moses is called by God.
—— The Exodus.
—— (Could be 200 years earlier!)
1,406 Entering the Promised Land.
—— Death of Moses.
1,400 The Promised Land conquered by Joshua.
1,380 The judges begin to rule.
1,367 Othniel rules as judge.
1,304 Ehud rules as judge.
1,224 Deborah rules as judge.
1,177 Gideon rules as judge.
1,120 Birth of Samuel.
1,043 The people reject God as their King. [1 Sam. 8:7]
—— Saul is appointed as king.
1,011 Death of Saul.
—— David becomes the king of Judah.
1,004 The kingdom is united.
971 Death of David.
—- Solomon is appointed as king.
931 Death of Solomon.
—- Jeroboam is appointed as king of Israel.
—- Rehoboam is appointed as king of Judah.
913 Abijam is appointed as king of Judah.
911 Asa is appointed as king of Judah.
910 Nadab is appointed as king of Israel.
909 Baasha is appointed as king of Israel.
887 Obadiah begins to prophesy in Judah.
886 Elah is appointed as king of Israel.
885 Zimri is appointed as king of Israel.
—- Tibni and Omri become rival kings in Israel.
880 Omri is appointed Israel’s undisputed king.
874 Ahab is appointed as king of Israel.
873 Jehoshaphat becomes coregent in Judah.
870 Death of Asa.
—- Jehoshaphat reigns alone in Judah.
862 Jonah is sent to Nineveh.
853 Ahaziah is appointed king of Israel.
—- Jehoram becomes coregent in Judah.
852 J(eh)oram is appointed king in Israel.
848 Death of Jehoshaphat.
—- Jehoram reigns alone in Judah.
841 J(et)oram is killed by Jehu.
—- Jehu becomes the king of Israel.
—- Ahaziah is appointed king in Judah.
—- Athaliah takes the throne of Judah by force.
835 J(eh)oash is appointed king of Judah.
814 Jehoahaz is appointed king of Israel.
800 Joel begins to prophesy in Judah.
798 J(eh)oash is appointed king of Judah.
796 Amaziah is appointed king of Judah.
793 Jeroboam II becomes coregent in Israel.
792 The father of Azariah is captured.
—- Azariah is appointed king in Judah.
787 Amos begins to prophesy in Israel.
785 Hosea begins to prophesy in Israel.
782 Death of Jehoash.
—- Jeroboam reigns alone in Israel.
767 Death of Amaziah.
—- Azariah reigns alone in Judah.
755 Isaiah begins to prophesy in Judah.
753 Zechariah is appointed king of Israel.
752 Shallum is appointed king of Israel.
—- Then Menachem is appointed king of Isreal.
750 Jothan becomes coregent in Judah.
—- Micah beings to prophesy in Judah.
742 Pekahiah is appointed king of Israel.
740 Pekah is appointed king of Israel.
—- Death of Azariah.
—- Josham reigns alone in Judah.
735 Ahaz becomes coregent in Judah.
732 Hoshea is appointed king of Israel.
—- Death of Josham.
—- Ahaz reigns alone in Judah.
723 Israel is captured by the Assyrians.
716 Hezekiah is appointed king of Judah.
713 Nahum begins to prophesy in Judah.
696 Manasseh becomes coregent in Judah.
686 Death of Hezekiah.
—- Manasseh reigns alone in Judah.
642 Amon is appointed king of Judah.
640 Josiah is appointed king of Judah.
630 Zephaniah begins to prophesy in Judah.
626 Jeremiah begins to prophesy in Judah.
—- Habakkuk begins to prophesy in Judah.
609 Jehoahaz is appointed king of Judah.
—- Zehoiakim is appointed king of Judah.
607 The beginning of the events in the Book of Daniel.
597 Jehoiachim is appointed king of Judah.
—- Zedekiah is appointed king of Judah.
592 Ezekiel begins to prophesy in Judah.
586 The Babylonians take Judah into exile.
—- Jeremiah prophesy about the New Covenant. [Jer. 31:31]
—- Ezekiel prophesy of the new heart and spirit. [Ezek. 11:19-20, 18:31, 36:26]
—- Ezekiel prophesy of the indwelling Holy Spirit. [Ezek. 36:27]
539 Persia overthrow Babylonia.
536 Beginning of the construction of the second Temple.
520 Zechariah begins to prophesy.
—- Haggai begins to prophesy.
520 Construction of the Temple is resumed.
516 Completion of the Second Temple.
480 Esther is appointed queen of Persia.
458 The return of Ezra to Judah.
444 The return of Nehemiah to Judah.
397 Malachi begins to prophesy.
333 Alexander the Great rules over Palestine.
323 Ptolemies begins to rule.
198 Seleucids begins to rule.
166 Hasmoneans begins to rule.
63 Palestine is conquered by Rome.
37 Herod the Great is appointed as king.
8 Annunciation to the Virgin Mary.
7 Birth of John the Baptist.
– Birth of Jesus.
6 Presentation of Jesus to the Temple.
– Flight to Egypt.
4 Death of Herod the Great.


6 Mary, Joseph and Jesus visit the Temple.
27 Jesus begins His ministry in Galilee.
29 The beginning of the Judean ministry.
— The beginning of the Perean ministry.
30 Death of Christ.
— The Resurrection of Christ.
— The Ascension.
— Pentecost Day.
33 Martyrdom of St. Stephen.
— Conversion of Paul.
36 St. Paul visits Jerusalem.
40 St. Peter begins his ministry to the Gentiles.
44 Martyrdom of St. James.
47 St. Paul begins his first journey.
50 St. Paul begins his second journey.
53 St. Paul begins his third journey.
57 Arrest and imprisonment of St. Paul.
59 St. Paul is sent to Rome.
70 Jerusalem is destroyed by the Romans.
95 St. John is sent to Patmos.
— The end of the New Testament period.

All dates are approximate.

Source: Catholic Doors Ministry

Saint Anselm explains God

Saint Anselm is a Doctor of the Catholic Church. His Feast Day is April 21. Saint Anselm is one of the Scholastics, predating the somewhat better known, Saint Thomas Aquinas. Saint Anselm’s writings have survived largely intact, providing a philosophical “sweet spot” that falls chronologically, between Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas and theologically, proves to be highly practical and deeply insightful.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article on Saint Anselm:

“Arousal of the mind for contemplating God”

Teach me to seek You, and reveal Yourself to me as I seek; for unless You teach me I cannot seek You, and unless You reveal Yourself I cannot find You. Let me seek You in desiring You; let me desire You in seeking You. Let me find You in loving You; let me love You in finding You. 0 Lord, I acknowledge and give thanks that You created in me Your image so that I may remember, contemplate, and love You. But this image has been so effaced by the abrasion of transgressions, so hidden from sight by the dark billows of sins, that unless You renew and refashion it, it cannot do what it was created to do. 0 Lord, I do not attempt to gain access to Your loftiness, because I do not at all consider my intellect to be equal to this task. But I yearn to understand some measure of Your truth, which my heart believes and loves. For I do not seek to understand in order to believe, but I believe in order to understand. For I believe even this: that unless I believe, I shall not understand.

Therefore, if that than which a greater cannot be thought were only in the understanding, then that than which a greater cannot be thought would be that than which a greater can be thought!” Clearly, something than which a greater cannot be thought must exist both in understanding and reality, or it would be less than those things which exist both in the understanding and in reality. Moreover, God cannot be thought not to exist. Why? Because if that were to happen, if a mind could think of something better than God (making it therefore certain that God does not exist as the Being of which no Being greater can be conceived) then the creature would sit in judgment of the Creator, and therefore that creature would be, as Scripture says (Psalm 14:1), the fool who in his heart says there is no God; but he only says this because he has fooled himself.

For only what You will is just, and only what You do not will is not just. So, then, Your mercy is begotten from Your justice, because it is just for You to be good to such an extent that You are good even in sparing. And perhaps this is why He who is supremely just can will good things for those who are evil. But if we can somehow grasp why You can will to save those who are evil, surely we cannot at all comprehend why from among those who are similarly evil You save some and not others because of Your supreme goodness, and condemn some and not others because of Your supreme justice.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci refuses to discuss vaccine risks because he probably knows what might happen

Dr. Anthony Fauci refuses to discuss the safety or efficacy of the vaccines, other than stating what is already included in the information sheet that is supplied to every vaccine recipient.

At the same time, Dr. Fauci continues to advocate social distancing, multiple mask wearing and the avoidance of bars, theaters, restaurants and similar crowded environments, even for those who have been fully vaccinated and should now be immune to virtually every known strain of Covid-19.

A reasonable and rational person might suspect
that Dr. Fauci’s personal version of viral “double talk”
is intended to hide something.

For example: mRNA vaccine technology has never worked effectively, in the past. mRNA vaccine technology is little understood. Too high of a dose of mRNA type Covid-19 vaccines might kill a person. Too low of dose may be ineffective.

But, the real “elephant in the room” is the possibility
that someone who who has already been fully vaccinated
(and should be fully immune)
may instead, experience a massive,
fatal, immune system overreaction
if subsequently exposed to the Covid-19 virus, “in the wild”.

In any case, Dr. Fauci remains a highly unconvincing expert who has already failed in his primary mission and who has “flip-flopped” so often, on so many related issues, that no sane person would likely, place much faith in his opinion, anyway.