1. Employment Non-Discrimination Act; a proposed federal bill that would force ministries to hire people who oppose the beliefs or values of the organization.

2. Vaughn Walker; California judge who overturned Proposition 8, a State Constitutional Marriage Amendment that defined marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

3. Julea Ward and Jennifer Keeton; two women expelled from Master’s programs in counseling at two different universities because they wouldn’t deny their faith and affirm the homosexual lifestyle.

4. Elena Kagan; President Obama’s radical appointment to the Supreme Court bench. While serving under the Clinton Administration, Kagan successfully conspired to twist unfavorable evidence against partial birth abortion to deceive the Supreme Court.

5. Christians denied their civil rights and falsely arrested for disorderly conduct at an annual Arab festival in Michigan for peacefully sharing the gospel. They were falsely arrested in 2009, too.

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Annual Red Mass in Wasington DC: Supreme Court is told human law should reflect God’s law.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Five of the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices have been told at the annual Red Mass for the legal profession that they’re subject to a higher law.

On the eve of their new term, Chief Justice John Roberts and justices Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Stephen Breyer sat in the front row of St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, along with Vice President Joseph Biden.

In the homily, Vatican Archbishop J. Augustine Di Noia indirectly denounced abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage. He said laws should reflect divine principles, including what he called “the inviolability of innocent life from conception to natural death” and “the sanctity of marriage.”

He said the legal profession is charged with protecting rights that come from God, not from government.


On June 6th, Bishop J. Peter Sartain ordained five men at the Cathedral of St. Raymond for the Diocese of Joliet.

From left to right: Father Stephen Eickhoff; Father Raed Bader; Father Josh Miller; Bishop Sartain; Father John Lindsey; and Father Jason Stone.

Please remember to pray for our new priests (and for our bishops).




Electing more of the same will only get us more of the same … and in Illinois that includes BOTH Democrats AND Republicans.

It’s time for some new people … without ties to institutionalized Illinois corruption.

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