AARP goes gay

The American Family Association says part of AARP’s membership fees and profits are used to advocate same-sex “marriage,” homosexual adoption and the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, not to mention special rights for immoral behavior.

Buddy Smith, AFA executive vice president, says that by promoting the homosexual agenda, the AARP is not serving its clients or representing their values.


Health Care and the “New” AARP

Let me get this straight …

Obama’s health care plan was written by a committee whose Chairman clearly doesn’t understand it. It was passed by a Congress that didn’t read it. If it makes it through the conference committee, it will be signed by a President who openly admits to smoking cigarettes.  The medical aspects of the bill will be reviewed by an obese Surgeon General. It will be financed through a bankrupt government system, by a Treasury Secretary who failed to pay his taxes, using “funny money” borrowed from foreign powers.

What could possibly go wrong?

Submitted by Bob Stanley