Percentage of Pregnancies Aborted by Country

The United States ranks #30 on this list of 101 countries, with 22.6% of all pregnancies in 2005 ending in abortion.

A quick look at this list shows that Marxist or formerly Marxist countries have the highest rates of abortion. As an example, Russia ranks #2, with 44.7% of all pregnancies ending in abortion; Cuba ranks #5, with 37% of all pregnancies being aborted; and China ranks #10, with 31.1% of all pregnancies being aborted.

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Sixty percent of all pregnancies for non-Hispanic blacks in NYC end in the death of the baby.

NEW YORK (WABC) — New and eye-opening statistics about the rate of abortions in New York City have been released by the Health Department.

It raises questions about the effectiveness of current birth control education.

41% of all New York City pregnancies end in abortion.

The rate for minorities is even higher.

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